Louisiana: Female Teacher Arrested After Having Sex with “At Least One” Student

Alexa Wingerter

As the world stands on the brink of total war, and America is coming apart at the seams internally, women are focused on only one thing: the cocks of teen boys.

Also, as looting, rape, murder and other crimes committed by blacks go unpunished, American law enforcement is focused exclusively on sex-crazed female high school teachers.

New York Post:

A Louisiana teacher has been busted for allegedly sending nude photos to students she also plied with booze in bars — and having sex with “at least one” of them, according to cops.

Alexa Wingerter, 35, first came under investigation in March over complaints she was “having inappropriate relationships” with her male students at Slidell High School, police said in announcing her arrest Tuesday.

Police “conducted multiple interviews and executed several search warrants” into the allegations, which included complaints that she was “sending inappropriate photographs and messages” in texts and social media chats.

Investigators found sufficient evidence to support that Wingerter was involved in an inappropriate and sexual relationship with at least one 18-year-old male student, as she acted in the capacity of the student’s educator,” the Slidell force said.

“Evidence was also found that Wingerter was purchasing alcohol for her students at local bars in Slidell.”

The teacher was arrested on suspicion of prohibited sexual conduct between an educator and student, as well as unlawful purchase of alcoholic beverages on behalf of a person under 21.

If the boy is 18, how is that even a crime?

It doesn’t make any sense.

Apparently, giving alcohol to an 18-year-old is a crime, but that is retarded.

It’s not as retarded as the media referring to this as “rape.”