Jew Psychiatrist Claims Student Protesters Just Mad in General, Don’t Understand Gaza Conflict

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Here’s the thing about the Jews: they will send in brutal police to beat you bloody if you protest them.

Meanwhile, they will also deploy an army of psychiatric kooks to claim the only reason you ever question any action by any Jew is that you have something wrong with you.

They organize and they come at you from every single corner of society. It’s an “antisemitic trope” (potentially also a “canard”) to claim that Jews work in concert for a Jewish agenda, and white people have become so absurdly individualistic that they don’t notice that everyone doing this is either Jewish or working directly for Jews.

At some point in the near future, huge portions of America are going to start “noticing” these Jews for the first time.

They’re probably going to be pretty angry, when they reflect on their entire lives, and realize that “random individual” Jews have been behind everything they’ve ever despised.

New York Post:

Campus protesters roiling colleges across the nation are part of a generation shaped by the pandemic, who grew up isolated and angered by school shut-downs and social distancing and are desperate to find a connection, community and a voice, experts told The Post.

The pro-Palestinian cause allows discontented youth to express “long-withheld rage,” said forensic psychiatrist Carole Lieberman. It gives them an “opportunity to identify with the ‘oppressed’ against ‘oppressors.’”

Carole Lieberman
A real winner.

These kids are susceptible to propaganda.

“People who offer an escape from this confusion, by promoting a direction they claim will lead to happiness and purpose, have found a hungry audience,” said Lieberman, a California-based trial expert witness.

Protests and encampments ostensibly “in solidarity” with Palestinians have ramped up in the past week, starting with embattled Columbia University and stretching as far as Texas and Atlanta. Jewish students have reported feeling harassed and unsafe on campus as protesters chant things like, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

It appears the young demonstrators don’t have a full understanding of the movement they’ve aligned themselves with, Lieberman said.

“The worst example of ignorance is that the protesters do not know that terrorists want global jihad — not just to destroy Israel,” Lieberman added. They also don’t know what they are saying, when they chant, “From the river to the sea,” the psychiatrist said of the death-to-Israel phrase.

This is so absurd.

From a normal person’s point of view: what is the categorical difference between these Palestine protests and the George Floyd protests?

Remember that blacks and their female white allies were claiming that white cops were committing a “genocide” against black people. From the point of view of someone who accepts everything at face value, these protests are more or less exactly the same as BLM – except that these protests are non-violent. There is no explanation given as to why these protests are being violently shut down – and the participants psychoanalyzed – whereas the entire media and political establishment celebrated BLM as the most important political movement ever.

Anyone who knows the facts knows that BLM was a hoax, and that the Jews promoted it to cause chaos in America and to hurt white people. The Jews apparently did not consider that this “social justice” monster would be let loose on them. I don’t know why that wouldn’t have been obvious, but apparently it was not.

What are the arguments? Neither the uninformed nor the informed are going to be swayed by these claims that college campuses need to be shut down because some kids put up tents in a public area. The only people who are going to go along with this bullshit are sickening blood-drinking Evangelical psychopaths who believe slaughtering Palestinian children will cause a “rapture.” That group of people is dying off rapidly. Boomer Evangelical Christianity was far too retarded to be passed on to the next generation. I’m from a white suburb in the Midwest, where virtually every boomer was involved in this satanic cult of Jew-worship, and I didn’t know one kid growing up who ended up believing in that cult. Sadly, a lot of them became atheists, but many are now discovering real Christianity, which is a universalist religion that does not believe that the people who murdered Jesus are the “chosen ones.”

If the Jews think they can use cops and military to force the entire United States into compliance, they are unhinged. It doesn’t make any sense. Videos of cops assailing college kids do not lead to positive views of the government or the Jews. The conservative punditry is going along with this, saying the protesters want to kill all the Jews and therefore they don’t have freedom of speech, but this is not going to sit well with their viewers and readers in the long run. It’s too absurd.

I’m old enough to remember when university students were saying that they felt “unsafe” because Jordan Peterson or MILO were speaking on campus. Conservatives called them “snowflakes” who needed a “safe space” because they were “triggered.”

Now, these exact same arguments are being used to say the Jews are “feeling unsafe.” This is the same thing as the BLM comparison. Why don’t these snowflake Jews go to their safe space if they’re so triggered?

This whole “triggered snowflake” thing was something conservatives were obsessed with. Remember, Donald Trump Jr. published a book called “Triggered” several years after the joke.

The boomers in particular maintained an obsession with it. Probably, some of them are calling the Palestine protesters triggered snowflakes as they get beaten with batons and zip-tied.

Humans cannot maintain this kind of psychic disconnect. It crushes the soul.