Invaders Refuse Money to Leave New York City, Determined to Continue Enriching It

We all thought it was racist to not want to live around immigrants.

It turns out, it’s fine as long as you have an excuse, such as “these people are savage animals.”

It’s unclear why the people of Columbus, Ohio were not able to use that line of reasoning about the Somalians.

Daily Caller:

New York City is trying to expel migrants by offering them plane tickets to leave for other states, or places outside of the country, but many of them don’t want to leave, according to dozens of migrants the Daily Caller News Foundation interviewed.

Migrants entering the reticketing center, which the city recently established to help migrants leave the area, told the DCNF that they don’t want to go elsewhere because they came to New York City for the resources it provides as a sanctuary city. The reticketing center is located in the since-closed St. Brigid School in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, where migrants can get a free, one-way ticket to the location of their choice provided by the city government.

“Visit the center where you can be provided with a ticket to travel anywhere,” a city flyer that was distributed to migrants and shown to the DCNF read.

Susej, a Venezuelan migrant, told the DCNF that he does not plan to leave the city despite the possibility of soon facing eviction. He is currently staying in a hostel until Nov. 12, but may “have to sleep on the street” if he cannot find another shelter, he said.

If this bitch is so poor, how is she so obese?

“I already started my asylum process. Besides, as a gay, I don’t want to continue suffering. The life of a gay and immigrant is not easy,” Susej said. “If I had a job, I wouldn’t bother any shelter because I know that as immigrants we are already one more nuisance because of the bad people in my country who do bad acts that make us look bad, when in reality not all of us are doing wrong.”

A second migrant from Venezuela has been sleeping on the subway because he was told there was no shelter for him, but he still wants to stay in the city, he told the DCNF. Others were being turned away at the reticketing center due to lack of shelter, as well.

“When you are out of room, that means you’re out of room,” Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams recently told reporters. “Every year, my relatives show up for Thanksgiving, and they want to all sleep at my house. There’s no more room. That’s where we are right now.”


I guess, Mr. Adams, we are all just wishing that we knew that you can just say “sorry, we don’t have any room left.”

Because if we knew you were allowed to do that without being called an evil racist, every city in America would have done that in like, the 1990s.

Out of dozens of migrants the DCNF talked to outside of the reticketing center, only three said that they were choosing to leave New York City for Boston, New Jersey and Washington, D.C.

“No one cares about our problems,” Jesus from Venezuela told the DCNF after arriving in Washington D.C., through the reticketing process. “Yesterday, I stayed in a hospital, I have nowhere to be.”

The number of illegal migrants that got into the U.S. in fiscal year 2023 surpassed the populations of 11 states, a recent DCNF review of federal data found.

What do we think about naming kids “Jesus”?

It seems sort of… severe that the Mexicans do this, but I assume the Spanish taught them to do it.

Anyway, I think the Jews (who by the way, killed the real Jesus) use people named “Jesus” in their reporting to be like “OH SO NOW YOU’RE GOING TO KICK OUT JESUS HUH?”

To which my response is: “you are literally Jewish.”

Jesus (from Venezuela) is probably a nice person, I’m sure, but he really needs to go back to his country.

By the way, unlike the Democrats who support mass immigration from Venezuela, I don’t support the sanctions on Venezuela.

Just to be clear.

It seems to me that “no sanctions, no immigrants” would make a lot more sense than “yeah, we’re sanctioning you, but don’t worry, you can come live on welfare in our country for free.”

Very sad