Iceland: Women and “Non-Binary People” to Strike on Thursday to Protest Non-Existent Gender Pay Gap

They did it before

I wish they would stop saying “gender pay gap.”

Anglin wrote that long thing about the truth today, and it feels like, when someone says something like “gender pay gap,” you’re being spiritually violated.

It’s a lie. Global warming is a lie. Doom virus is a lie. The Ukraine war is a lie. Jewish victimhood is a lie.

It is true that even if you know these things are lies, it bruises your soul to have people shouting them in the streets. It’s like spraying the soul with insecticide, perhaps.

The Guardian:

Tens of thousands of women and non-binary people across Iceland, including the prime minister, are expected to stop work – both paid and unpaid – on Tuesday in the first strike of its kind in nearly half a century.

Organisers hope the women’s strike – whose confirmed participants include fishing industry workers, teachers, nurses and the PM, Katrín Jakobsdóttir – will bring society to a standstill to draw attention to the country’s ongoing gender pay gap and widespread gender-based and sexual violence.

The event will mark the first full-day women’s strike since 1975, when 90% of Icelandic women refused to work as part of “kvennafrí” (women’s day off), leading to pivotal change including the world’s first female elected president of a country.

This bitch has been prime minister for 6 years, but she’s also somehow oppressed

But organisers of the latest strike, some of whom took part in the 1975 strike, say the core demand for women’s work to be valued remains unmet 48 years on.

Despite being considered a global leader on gender equality, topping the 2023 World Economic Forum’s global gender gap rankings for the 14th consecutive year, in some professions Icelandic women still earn 21% less than men, and more than 40% of women have experienced gender-based or sexual violence.

Strike organisers also say jobs traditionally associated with women, such as cleaning and caregiving, continue to be undervalued and underpaid.

“We’re talked about, Iceland is talked about, like it’s an equality paradise,” said Freyja Steingrímsdóttir, one of the strike organisers and communications director for BSRB, the Icelandic Federation for Public Workers. “But an equality paradise should not have a 21% wage gap and 40% of women experiencing gender-based or sexual violence in their lifetime. That’s not what women around the world are striving for.”

Around 80% of global murder victims are men. That means that there is no “gender-based violence.” Anyone who tells you otherwise is doing some kind of Talmudic pilpul against you. It becomes some kind of Holocaust type bullshit, where women’s lives are more valuable than men’s, and therefore violence against them is weighted.

You know how the Jews say that they are God’s chosen people, and also, in some other way that isn’t even actually clear, that their World War II dead matter more than everyone else’s dead?

That’s exactly what “gender-based violence” is.

It’s so deeply sickening that these people are given this microphone to blast this poison everyone, while the Daily Stormer is censored into the abyss.