I had a Dream That Bill Gates Gave a TED Talk About How OJ Simpson was Innocent

Yesterday, when I was trying to collect those memes, I feel asleep in my chair. That’s why they were late. I fell asleep sitting up in my chair.

While sleeping sitting up, I had a dream about Bill Gates giving a TED talk proclaiming OJ’s innocence.

Gates said in his stupid, annoying gay voice: “So, then you have a guy like OJ Simpson, who was accused of that little cutting incident, and turned out not to be guilty.”

I don’t really remember the rest of what he said. That one line really sticks out. The other thing I remember was that he had a PowerPoint presentation showing OJ’s great sports achievements, and kept talking about how good of a player he was.

This is all very funny to me, but, if I’m required to have a point here, it’s that dreams are often meaningless. I think they sometimes do have meaning, but I had recently seen some video where they played the TED clip of Bill Gates seemingly saying he’ll use vaccines to reduce the global population. OJ was recently in the news because he made some sexualized comment about Taylor Swift after he saw her at a sports game. He said he was watching her “boulders bouncing.”

This is apparently regional negro slang from the 1950s. Very quaint. I assume “boulders” means “breasts,” though I can’t be certain.

I glanced at replies to the main tweet on that story, and there is so much of this:

“Why would a man look at a woman who is displaying her bouncing breasts in public?” is like something an alien being that reproduces asexually would ask on his first visit to earth.

This “creepy” thing is the worst feminist meme to target men with normal masculine behaviors, or who the woman finds displeasing for other reasons. Classically, if a woman purposefully displaying sexual availability is approached by a man she finds unattractive, she will refer to him as “creepy.” Women are hateful and sadistic, so they can’t simply say to themselves “this man is interested in me but I’m not interested in him, I understand where he’s coming from and it’s flattering that he likes me even though the feeling is not mutual. I should be polite to him” and smile and say “I’m sorry, I have a boyfriend.” Instead, it has to be a cruel act of humiliation against the lowly “creep” who would dare think he was good enough for her. (As some of you know, women will also use this “creepy” word on men they do like in order to test their self-confidence.)

A man calling another man “creepy” is beyond the pale. A man can insult another man with many words – asshole, faggot, coward, bitch, pussy, dickhead, nerd, and many others – but if a man calls another man “creepy,” he is a traitor. “Kenny” is a boomer who sets his real photograph as his Twitter avatar:

You can tell by looking at him that he’s been divorced multiple times and current has a “girlfriend” who is well beyond child-bearing age. Can you imagine it? Being divorced and saying “I need a woman in my life for reasons other than having children”? It’s an actual insane line of thought. As a man, there is no better existence than living alone. If you’re in your sixties, you should have made enough money to pay for a woman to come clean shit up every other day, do the laundry, and change the sheets. If you are that age and have a desire to have sex for non-reproductive purposes, you can hire a hooker.

If you are attaching yourself to some woman because you just want her in your house nagging and making demands, you are sick. You have something called “Mommy Syndrome,” where you never developed independence from your mother as a boy, and you live your entire life with the need to have some woman telling you what to do. It appears to be the overwhelming majority of Western men that have this condition. Anyone who has a live-in girlfriend has this condition. There is no normal reason to have a woman living with you unless you are having kids with her, and if you’re having kids with a woman, it is trashy, nigger-type behavior to not get married first. Don’t give me this “trying things out” bullshit. That’s not real. Any man with a basic understanding of reality can accurately rate the viability of a woman as a marriage partner in 15 minutes, and it really should be more like 3.

If Tay doesn’t want men looking at her bouncing boulders, she can put them away. If a woman decides to let her boulders bounce in a public setting (which in every other society has been considered among the most anti-social things a person can do), she does not then have a right decide who views them. She cannot specify an attractiveness level or age range of the men are and are not allowed to sneak a peek at them boulders. If she chooses to publicly bounce them, everyone has a right to look or not as meets their fancy. Kenny is also not able to make any such decree on the viewing rights of public boulders. Furthermore, Kenny should be aware that he could spend the rest of his fat life calling other men creepy on the internet, and it will never result in Taylor Swift wanting to have sex with him.

What OJ said is not “creepy,” it is hilarious. “Bouncing boulders” is now official Stormer jargon.



This dream that I had was just adding together two things that I had seen and thought about recently. It happened to be very funny, but there was no deep meaning at all. There is nothing to analyze.

When you are asleep, your brain is basically preparing reports on the various inputs it’s received. If you have a meaningful dream, it is because new information came to light in these reports (unless you are receiving messages from God, which is extremely unlikely). Along with sensory inputs, it’s reviewing your thoughts and your emotions, so the most well-remembered dreams are actually stress and anxiety dreams.

Statistically (according to whoever), one of the most common dreams is being naked or otherwise not fully clothed in public, which is Adam Syndrome, and probably needs more examination. The first thing Adam and Eve did after doing the thing that separated them from God’s presence was sew clothing out of fig leaves to cover their genitals (it’s not actually clear if Eve covered her bouncing boulders, which is something I’ve thought a lot about – most classical art shows that she didn’t, and that may be based on some church writing, but I think she probably did). Because the most looming aspect of the knowledge of sin is the sexual aspect.

Speaking of dreams and sexual aspects, most men do not have pleasant sexual dreams, despite the fact that men think about sex a lot. There is some sort of “factoid” that claims men think about sex every six seconds, which is a lie, but because we are bombarded with sexual imagery all the time and because women are in public all slutted up, we end up thinking about it more than we should. However, probably, just as a matter of biology, because the reproductive drive is so strong, and the way testosterone works, we would be thinking about it a lot regardless of the overstimulation.

Because one of the themes of the Illness Revelations is profoundly shocking oversharing of highly personal information by the author, I can reveal that if you do semen retention, you will eventually have a sex dream that results in ejaculation. However, having analyzed the situation like a crime scene several times, what appears to happen is that in your sleep, you start humping a pillow or the bed itself, which leads to the expulsion of the gooey fluid.

I can confirm that semen retention is ideal, though I’m sure it’s more easily said than done. I think even if you’re married, there is no real reason to be having sex more than once a month, because that’s the only time a woman is fertile. Your wife should be coming to you to initiate the act during this period, as that is the only time she is producing significant testosterone, and is therefore horny. If she’s not doing that, and she’s healthy (and not on birth control, which breaks the female hormone system, and may result in her not having any sex drive at all, ever), you probably need to do an investigation, because the immediate implication is that she is getting it from somewhere else.

That bump in the blue line is the only point at which a woman will initiate sex as a result of a horniness impulse. Any other time she initiates sex, she is doing it exclusively to emotionally manipulate you. If your wife is young, healthy, and not on birth control, and there is not a situation of extreme stress, and she’s not coming around looking for some at least every other month during those days, then you need to hire a private detective. Further, if you don’t have your wife’s menstrual cycle marked on your personal calendar, and just know “she menstruates regularly,” you have no basic idea of what is going on. You need this information, because in order to understand her behavior, you need to understand the behavior patterns associated with the cycle. She will give you the dates if you ask her, and she will probably look at it as a caring thing to ask. 

I cannot say it enough times: women do not have a sex drive, except when they are ovulating, which is at best a 72-hour period each month. (Again, birth control means this information is meaningless, as usually birth control totally blocks ovulation, and it creates a totally different hormonal order for the woman.) Further, that-72 hour period is also going to be the only time when you have any interest in having sex with her, if she doesn’t wear makeup. Women are not sexually attractive in the face if they are not ovulating – unless they are wearing makeup, which is designed to mimic the facial signs of ovulation (primarily reddened lips and reddened cheeks, also a “highlighting” effect around the eyes and a type of facial glow).

Biologically, you have this sex drive. Also, biologically, the purpose of it is procreation. So this is all just common sense. Why would a woman’s body be indicating to a man’s body that it is time for sex if pregnancy was not possible? It would make no sense. Logically, what should be arousing to a man are fertility signals.

Now, think about the fact that women put on makeup in order to mimic ovulation, and to signal to the man that it is time for sex. Why would they do that? The only reason is to sexually harass and manipulate men by messing with their biological impulses. This is no different from rape, and in fact, it is worse.

Makeup should be outlawed, or rape should be legalized. Otherwise, you are living in a society that is exclusively designed to maximize the sexual exploitation of men by women, while leaving men with no natural defense mechanism (the natural defense mechanism to being sexually harassed by a woman is rape).

I hope OJ is doing as well as he seems to be doing. He got a raw deal from that Jew Goldstein.