HAPPENING: Tens of Thousands March on White House Screaming “ALLAHU AKBAR – FUCK JOE BIDEN”

Excuse me *Anglin then pauses to try to think of a word other than “bitch” for a woman, because he is always respectful to women who cover their hair* excuse me, lass, but you seem to have missed the recent updates to the pro-Palestinian narrative. We’re now saying “Hitler is good and the Jews deserved it.”

I’d really like to say a lot about this but unfortunately I made a vow to only post filler today.

However, I will say: “Allahu Akbar” means “God is Great.” Moslems worship the same God we do. They don’t do it in the same way, and they don’t understand the trinity or the love of Jesus, but it’s the same God. This is in stark contrast to the Jews, who worship Satan.

New York Post:

Tens of thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters massed in Washington, DC, Saturday afternoon before descending upon the White House to chant, “Allahu akbar” and “F–k Joe Biden” as they accused the president of genocide and demanded a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

“From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” the crowd dotted with Palestinian flags and signs cried at the start of the event, which drew attendees from across the country.

The chant – which is growing increasingly popular in the wake of Hamas’ deadly incursion into southern Israel last month and Israel’s subsequent retaliatory attacks on Gaza – is widely considered antisemitic because it implies the elimination of the State of Israel and its people.

It’s not anti-Semitic.

Or, actually, it is. But the whole world agrees with it now, save the Republican Fatmerican gutter-scum that is supporting DeSantis. That’s like, 6% of Americans. So 94% of Americans and 100% of everyone else wants a one-state solution in Palestine.

Others chanted, “Long live the Intifada,” an Arabic word used to refer to Palestinian uprising, specifically to conflicts that ran from 1987 and 1993 and from 2000 to about 2005 that left thousands dead.



HAPPENING HAPPENING HAPPENING ALERT! [Note to editor: please do not add commas there and also please do not delete this note to editor because it fits with the hilarious theme of the day that I’m only doing low effort filler trash. Please fix other typos as normal, however – we’re not turbo-trash. Thank you for your service, my good man. I don’t know where we’d be without you. You’ve got a raise coming soon.]

Unofficial reports estimate more than 100,000 showed up to the protest, but DC Police could not confirm, telling The Post it does not estimate crowd size.

One man was arrested for destruction of property around 5:30 p.m., according to DC cops. It is unclear what he was destroying.

As the protesters began marching down the roadways of DC, many stopped outside the White House to yell for Biden to call for a ceasefire. Biden was at his Rehoboth Beach, Del., vacation home.

Around 6:30 p.m., protesters were smearing red paint on the gates of the White House and chanting: “Allahu akbar,” “F–k Joe Biden,” a Post reporter observed.

One demonstrator even scaled the security fence around the Executive Mansion to wave a Palestinian flag, X video showed.


They have stopped saying “X, Formerly Twitter”!

That’s the real story here.

But yeah, tens of thousands of Democrat voters screaming “Fuck Joe Biden” and calling for intifada is an important story as well.

I don’t even think “tens of thousands” is right. From the photos and footage, it’s clearly over 100,000 and may be significantly more than that.

I mean, look at this time-lapse of part of the protest:

AI could count that. I think that clip alone probably breaks 100,000, though I am notoriously bad at math. (We may want to ask child genius Nick Fuentes, who reads doctorate-level algebra books for kicks.)

Here are some more videos of the DC event:

“Tens of thousands” applies to the protest in Texas (where there aren’t even a lot of Moslems).

By the way – Saturday saw massive protests across the whole world.

(It’s almost as if Jews enjoy being hated by everyone, and therefore do evil things in order to promote this hatred. I wonder why people would do something like that…? [That’s rhetorical, by the way – please see the millions of pages I’ve written about Jews for an explanation as to why they would do that].)

I wish Trump would come out with some sympathy for Gaza. That might be too much to ask, but it’s really so obvious.

“I see these videos, these little kids, and it’s just awful. Horrible. Nobody ever wants to see something like that. And Joe Biden is letting it happen.”

That’s all it would take, Donald.

I know you went in big for Israel, but I think it’s pretty clear that didn’t work.

You could have millions of ruthless American Moslems doing voter fraud for you if you just turned against Israel. You already threw Bibi under the bus. Your supporters don’t care. Maybe a couple of boomers do, but they’re not going to not vote for you because you said killing babies is bad.

Anyway, I’m writing in second person, which I usually only do when I think there’s a reasonable chance the person will read it. Trump isn’t going to read this. I’ve always pretty much assumed Barron does read it, just based on the age demographic and the fact that he’s a secret gamer who loves K-pop and anime.

But Trump isn’t taking advice from the rightful heir to the throne and instead listens to his greedy kike son-in-law. Well. I don’t think he does anymore.

(Editor’s Note: I just read this, and in the above paragraph, I’m referring to Barron as the rightful heir, not me. Barron presumably tries to shill Stormer talking points to Trump and he says “nah, we’re going with Jared’s thing – releasing all the blacks from prison.” I don’t want any thrones save the one in my office in the New York Times Building, which I am going to buy and turn into the office of the Daily Stormer. I am going to put a gigantic neon swastika on the front of it. That is, assuming this brain tumor doesn’t get any larger. That is really the ideal situation, I think: keeping the brain tumor but just having it stay the same size so it doesn’t kill me. However, I am also fine with dying in 5 weeks. By the way, just so everyone is clear, I am referring to the real New York Times Building at 41 Park Row, not the Midtown monstrosity in which that horrible website is currently headquartered, which is an abomination before the Lord.)

Anyway, this is wayyyyy too much effort for filler.

Look – Our Hero just showed up.

In what is supposed to be a filler post.

I do not feel like looking for Twitter clips of this protest.

Holy shit, that is the last thing I want to do right now.

Am I allowed to just not do that, because this is filler? And just say “you go look at them on Twitter”?

But you can’t, because that censorious yipper Elon cockblocked people from reading the site unless they’re logged in, and everyone gets banned immediately as soon as they start jacking off to bikini pics of some guy’s wife (see the footnote of the article linked in that hyperlink there, which is actually an endnote, unfortunately). Seriously, you go on Twitter, you don’t even say anything about the Jews, you find some guy posting whore pics of his slut wife and you’re like “oh, wow, sweet tits, and I can even see her feet, lemme go ahead whip out my dong and jack off to this” and BANG! – Elon swoops in and is like “alright buddy, that’s enough Twitter for you – you’re permabanned.”

It’s sickening.

“I am a free speech absolutist. But uh, some people, will, uh, you know, they will go on Twitter, uh, X, and uh, they will, you know, see a picture of someone’s wife in a bikini, and uh, you know, maybe they think she’s, uh, you know, she’s hot, or maybe her, uh, her feet are showing and they have a foot fetish, and uh, it’s, you know, uh, they will begin masturbating, and, it’s, uh. We have to decide, uh, where do you draw the line.”

(This article is actually great, proving that even when I am purposefully trying to spam filler, magic happens.)

Anyway, I’ll do the clips. You will have already seen them by the time you read this sentence, because I’m going to place them in the article.

How meta is that???

We’re breaking barriers here, folks. We’re reaching a level of fascinating and exciting meta humor that was not possible before the internet, but which no one had invented before I started inventing it.

The article is going in the Illness Revelations category.

(In some sense, everything I’m writing right now is part of the Illness Revelations. However, The Illness Revelations category will include all of the articles I’ve labeled as “Illness Revelations” to be published as a collected work from a period of inspiration. I will soon put a link to the collection so far in the sidebar for easy access. We are really just getting started. I expect it to end in 5 weeks, when I will be dead from a brain tumor.)

You might say “but nothing was revealed in this filler article???” Well, firstly, my handsome and very intelligent parasocial friend, a new form of meta humor that exploits the medium was mentioned in a new way. Secondly, it is revealed that as a confounding result of my brain tumor and deranged messiah complex, if I set out to create filler crap, I create a childlike sense of wonder.

This fits the theme of using my own writing to feed into my delusions. The brain tumor is like a portal that sucks all of my own bizarre behavior out of the environment and then turns it into a powerful ethereal energy to fuel my messiah complex.

Furthermore: although I am not filling up the category with “current events,” for posterity, there need to be markers in the Illness Revelations category in order to understand the time in which they were revealed. This protest is a very serious historical event. It’s the biggest anti-Jew protest since the Nuremberg rallies.

By the way, just to be crystal – nigga, this the Daily Stormer, we keep it crystal like an mf orb – I’m not joking or exaggerating. It is literally true that we are currently witnessing the biggest anti-Jew protests since the Nuremberg rallies. Except that the Nuremberg rallies weren’t really protests but… rallies. But they were a political demonstration that was explicitly anti-Jewish.

Finally, it’s with a large amount of self-satisfaction that I will note that saying Elon banned me not for vulgar joke about masturbating to a photo of someone’s wife, but actually banned me for the act of masturbating, is seriously inspired. It is deeply, metaphysically funny, and I believe it needs to be included in this magnus opus I am composing. Or rather, I should say, “magnum opus,” because that is the actual term. I may, however, begin referring to it as my “magneto opus.”

Who is that beaver??? Is it Our Hero’s new sidekick???