Google Bans Apps Promoting Deepfake Pornography

People will say “oh they should ban porno.”

Normal porno is not banned. They are only banning AI porno, which means they are banning AI, not porno.

Think if they banned heterosexual porno, and said they would only feature gay porno. You wouldn’t say it was an actual ban on porno, you would say it was a ban on heterosexuality.

New York Post:

Google is sending a stern message to advertisers: Do not affiliate with the dark side of AI.

The search engine is cracking down on the promotion of deepfake pornography, the act of using artificial intelligence to modify or alter a person’s face or body to depict sexual scenes.

The tech titan is giving advertisers a tight deadline to dump all business with sites involved with the unethical tactic.

A new ad policy released by Google targets “sites or apps that claim to generate deepfake pornography, instructions on how to create deepfake pornography, endorsing or comparing deepfake pornography services.”

This update is to explicitly prohibit advertisements for services that offer to create deepfake pornography or synthetic nude content,” Google spokesperson Michael Aciman told The Verge.

Ads within that “scope” will be banned starting May 30, according to the updated policy.

We’re against pornography.

But AI is not pornography and AI-generated pornography is not worse than normal pornography.