Germany: “Experts” Say Killing Babies Should be Made Easier

Europe is run by women.

They want to collapse the population of whites and then replace them with black people.

It’s a really wacky scheme, but they’ve been working it for decades now, and they’re still pushing it hard.

No one can stop them because in a democracy, you have to do everything the government says or the cops will murder you.


Germany should legalise abortions within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, a government-appointed commission recommended on Monday, to clarify the situation in a country where abortions are widely available but subject to formal restrictions.

Abortion is officially illegal in Germany except under certain circumstances.

If the life of the woman is at risk, there are no time restrictions. A woman can also have a legal abortion within the first 12 weeks if she is a victim of violent crime or undergoes counselling, which means that prosecutions are extremely rare.

Last year, Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s centre-left coalition set up a commission of 18 experts in medicine, psychology, ethics and law, to look at possible new rules.

The Experts

Its recommendations are due to be published later on Monday.

“The fundamental illegality of abortion in the early phase of pregnancy is untenable,” commission member Liane Woerner, criminal law professor at Konstanz University, told a press conference ahead of the publication.

“Lawmakers should take action and make these abortions legal and unpunishable.”

The commission also said terminations when an embryo becomes viable, estimated to be around the 22nd week of pregnancy, should remain banned, and that it should be up to lawmakers to decide on the rules between the early and late stages of pregnancy.

Abortion is baby-murder, and about the most abominable crime you can imagine.

But the political dimension is almost even darker, as these people are trying to exterminate the entire human species by ending birth.