Germany: Elected AfD Politician Arrested 3 Days Before Taking Office

Daniel Halemba, 22

I’ve said from the beginning: it is illegal in Germany for AfD to take power. Germany is occupied militarily by the United States, and all major government action has to be approved by the United States, and it is impossible that the United States would approve AfD taking power.

I have, at various points, asserted that this means the AfD is useless. I now don’t believe that at all, and believe it is actually extremely important, because when the Anal Empire collapses, and the Germans finally have the right to self-determination restored, the AfD is going to be the group that collaborates with the Russians to become the new government of Germany.

It’s a funny situation the AfD is in. It is a party composed of two groups:

  • Hardcore Hitler-conscious and Holohoax-denying Germans who want to restore the true greatness of the nation pretending to be Charlie Kirk style moderates, and
  • Actual Charlie Kirk style moderates who don’t understand that the Charlie Kirk bullshit is a cover for a plan to restore the Reich

The two groups don’t even have a clear way to identify each other, because it would be impossible.

By the way, I have never had any communication with anyone from AfD. In general, I refuse to talk personally to anyone who might at some point gain political power, because there is too much risk involved and I say everything I think on my website anyway, meaning discussion with me is of minimal value (plus, in private conversation and in personal relationships, I’m actually very difficult to get along with, believe it or not).

My assertion that the AfD is lined with serious people pretending to be moderates is based on public observation. This is the same observation of the German state – “this is an illegal group masquerading as a semi-legal group.”

Of course, in a “real democracy” (there is no such thing, actually – at least not now), Germany would be allowed to have a “National Socialist Workers’ Party.” All of the former communist states still have communist parties. There is zero explanation, under the supposed rules of the “democracy order,” as to why Germany is not allowed to have a Nazi Party that stands in elections.

The German government is going to keep arresting members of the AfD, and they are not, under the current system, going to be allowed to take power. However, they should, like all of the other equivalent parties in Europe, continue to persevere, because this system is not going to last forever.

A New Dawn is coming.

Until then, Germans really need to keep this Hitler shit a bit more low-key.

If you’re German, and you have an overwhelming urge to throw up your arm and scream “Sieg Heil,” remind yourself that the day is coming when every arm will straighten and every tongue will Heil. But that day is not today.

Do not, ever, under any circumstances, keep Nazi shit in your house. I know it’s inspirational, I know you can feel the power in it, but denying yourself that is a sacrifice you have to make.

The Guardian:

A legislator with the far-right Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party was arrested on Monday on charges including displaying forbidden totalitarian symbols, with neighbours of his fraternity complaining of often hearing the Nazi “Sieg Heil” victory salute.

Newly elected Daniel Halemba, 22, is to take up his seat in the Bavarian regional parliament on Thursday. He is a member of the Teutonia Prague student fraternity, whose premises were raided by police in September.

He’s 22, and looks like some kind of genius.

Man, this sucks.

During the raid, officials said, they found forbidden symbols – Germany’s constitution forbids the display of symbols of totalitarian regimes such as the swastika – and neighbours complained of hearing “Sieg Heil” (Hail Victory) from inside.

A prosecution spokesperson said Halemba would be brought before court later on Monday or Tuesday. Charges include inciting racist abuse.

A national conversation that is increasingly dominated by discussion of migration has helped the AfD to a series of strong electoral showings far beyond its old heartlands in the post-industrial east, with voters seemingly unperturbed by its rightward drift.

The party, second in polls in several eastern states, achieved record results in the western states of Bavaria and Hesse on 8 October.

The party and its youth wing are under observation in several states, with prominent figures such as the lead European parliament candidate Maximilian Krah comparing immigration to colonialism and stating that “oriental landgrabs” lead to “sexual abuse of European girls”.

“Oriental landgrabs” is the funniest term for Islamic immigration ever.

The British call Moslems “Asians,” which I always thought was extremely bizarre. But that is technically valid, as the Middle East is technically a part of the Asian continent, and Pakistan is called “Central Asia.”

But “Oriental” is explicitly synonymous with the Sinosphere.

There is an allegedly apocryphal Benjamin Franklin quote warning about the threat of the Jews where he refers to them as “Oriental,” but this was a reference to a belief that they were related to the Mongols.

EDIT: Wait, no sorry – I looked this up (the “Franklin Prophecy” has a Wiki page with the full text). He didn’t use the word “Oriental,” but that has been applied to the Jews by someone like that at some point, but I’ve never heard it applied to Arabs or Pakistanis.

So funny.

Snake Baker contributed to this article.