Gaza Hospital Under Siege, Staff Can’t Even Dig Mass Grave Without Getting Shot

What these Jews are doing might seem really brutal, but we all need to remember the pile of Anne Frank’s shoes being turned into lampshades on a rollercoaster of death.

After the HOLOCAUST, the Jews were issued the world’s only “free pass to mass slaughter everyone on earth.” This pass cannot be revoked.

The Holocaust means ultimate, unlimited slaughter.

The Guardian:

Dozens of corpses lay on the courtyard outside Gaza’s largest hospital, covering the ground next to a blue refrigerated truck that had long ceased to be able to keep the bodies cool. Most of the bodies were shrouded in colourful blankets originally meant for the living, after the hospital ran out of white bodybags. A severely burnt arm protruded from one of the blankets. Elsewhere, according to video footage seen by the Guardian, the charred body of a child was visible among the soft folds of the material.

We are under siege,” said Munir al-Boursh, a doctor who is also a Palestinian health ministry undersecretary, speaking from inside Dar al-Shifa hospital. The facility had intended to dig a mass grave until Israeli tanks and snipers encircled the the complex on Friday, making movement around it impossible.


People might not know, but “allowing the enemy to bury their dead” is sort of a fundamental agreement in war that goes back long before modern militaries, and in fact, before recorded history.

Prehistoric tribes and clans would allow the enemy to bury their dead.

The Jews seem intent on violating every single established norm of human behavior.

“There are 110 dead bodies in front of the hospital, some in the refrigerator which isn’t functioning, and some just in the open space in front of the emergency unit. This could become a source of disease,” he said.

Six hundred patients as well as 200 to 500 health workers, and about 1,500 displaced people are seeking shelter at the hospital, according to information shared with the World Health Organization. Six bombardments struck the hospital complex in recent days, including the intensive care unit, doctors have said.

Boursh said: “No one can get out or come inside, it’s too risky. Israeli forces said there was a safety corridor through the eastern gate so people could exit and some people did try to get out that way. But there was shooting right in front of them, and they were so scared that they turned back.”

Israel says Hamas operates from bunkers underneath al-Shifa. Hamas and hospital staff have denied this. UN officials and rights experts have stressed that Palestinian armed groups should never use hospitals to hide, nor should Israel use claims they are doing so as a pretext to attack hospitals.

We should just send in some UN observers to check if there is a Hamas base inside the hospital.

Obviously, Israel will kill the UN observers, but I mean, that’s their job, and it would sort of prove the point I think.

The Hamas-run Palestinian health ministry said at least 11,180 people had died in the Israeli assault on Gaza, which began on 7 October after Hamas militants stormed Israeli towns and kibbutzim around the territory, killing an estimated 1,200 people and taking 240 hostage. Supplies of fuel, electricity and water to Gaza have since been cut.

Medical staff said they were terrified that deaths among the patients holed up inside could rise, with the hospital on its third day without fuel or power. As a result, dozens in the intensive care unit were at risk of death, as well as at least 45 patients on dialysis machines. Thirty-six premature babies were moved out of the neonatal unit and into an operating theatre after bombardment of the wing of the hospital that previously housed them.

Boursh said: “There’s no oxygen supplies and no light for surgeries. We turned off six operating theatres as they are dark, and we’re doing operations in recovery areas as those are the only places that have light. We’re dependent on solar energy not fuel.

“We have no generators as those need fuel to run. There is no food, no water, no electricity and no fuel in Shifa and we are here dealing with casualties.

We can’t manage this huge number of cases. If people come, we can’t do anything for them.”

This just keeps going on and on, doesn’t it?

It seems that part of the Jewish plan is to desensitize the world to this. Eventually, the protesters are going to get tired.

However, at no point will sympathy for Jews return. The “Holocaust card” has been permanently burned, and it’s very unclear how the Jews are going to survive without it.

This is what Jews actually claim

I would advise people start spamming leftist groups with Holocaust denialism materials. I think they are ready for this. The Moslems in particular will spread these materials in their circles, and if Moslems are spreading it, white women will listen.

Spread this:

The core goal of our movement should be the total minimization of belief in the moronic Holocaust hoax, which is very easily proved to be stupid nonsense invented by the Jews for the very purpose of developing total immunity.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.