Former Facebook Employee Sues, Denounces Suppression of Pro-Palestinian Content

The sickening thing is, despite the fact that he is ethnically Jewish, Mark Zuckerberg literally does not care about any of this censorship stuff. Go watch interviews with him. He says straight-up that he does not care and the only reason he engages in censorship is because the government (and the ADL, via advertiser extortion) force him to.

If you asked Zuck “should we free Palestine?” his answer would be something along the lines of “well, I don’t know, but I guess that is a question.” That’s what he says when you ask him a question: he points out that it is a question, and then acts like that is the answer to the question you asked.

He’s not even the bad guy, frankly.


A former Meta engineer on Tuesday accused the company of bias in its handling of content related to the war in Gaza, claiming in a lawsuit that Meta fired him for trying to help fix bugs causing the suppression of Palestinian Instagram posts.

Ferras Hamad, a Palestinian-American engineer who had been on Meta’s machine learning team since 2021, sued the social media giant in a California state court for discrimination, wrongful termination and other wrongdoing over his February dismissal.

In the complaint, Hamad accused Meta of a pattern of bias against Palestinians, saying the company deleted internal employee communications that mentioned the deaths of their relatives in Gaza and conducted investigations into their use of the Palestinian flag emoji.


Deleting posts that mention dead relatives is of course terrible and so on (I feel for you, bros), but that is also hilarious. Imagine creating an AI algorithm that deletes emails that say stuff like “my cousin just died in a bombing.”

The company launched no such investigations for employees posting Israeli or Ukrainian flag emojis in similar contexts, according to the lawsuit.

Nearly 200 Meta employees raised similar concerns in an open letter to Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg and other leaders earlier this year.

He read the letter and was like “these people have an opinion on an issue.”

Hamad said his firing appeared to stem from an incident in December involving an emergency procedure designed to troubleshoot severe problems with the company’s platforms, known within Meta as a SEV or “site event”.

He had noted procedural irregularities in the handling of an SEV related to restrictions on content posted by Palestinian Instagram personalities that prevented the posts from appearing in searches and feeds, the complaint said.

Zuck is literally just like “look, I just need to keep making billions of dollars. I know that people have opinions and some people have other opinions. In my opinion, I don’t know about these opinions, but it is also my opinion I need billions more dollars.”

Frankly, he made a pretty good stand against the ADL when they went hard against him. It was more impressive than the feeble, fat, and limp stand that Elon Musk made.

Whatever happened to that thing where Zuck was going to beat the shit out of Elon Musk? I was really looking forward to sucking up the money of conservative retards like I was an AI-powered vacuum cleaner. I watched Zuck’s training videos and then saw these conservo-faggots saying shit like “Musk is taller.” I was like “I am going to make $20,000,000 on this fight.”

But now I guess Musk pussied out, like he pussied out of everything else in his entire life?

Seriously, dude: Zuck is like “yeah I only was censoring because the government told me I had to.” Musk, meanwhile, is like “saying you want Jews to die is against the law” (it is definitely, 1000%, not against the law).