Florida: 150 Men Arrested for Trying to Have Sex with Prostitutes in “Human Trafficking” Bust

There was a George W. Bush era law that turned literally all visits to a prostitute into “sex trafficking.” It basically means you kidnapped and raped the woman.

There’s a strategy the government uses where they pass totally insane laws and then don’t start really enforcing them much until years later. That’s what’s going on here.

New York Post:

A massive human trafficking bust in Florida resulted in 228 arrests, including members of the US military and a teacher, authorities said Tuesday.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said 150 suspects, or johns, were arrested along with 66 prostitutes and 12 others in the multi-agency operation dubbed Operation March Sadness 2024. Among the suspects were a schoolteacher, coaches and active-duty military members, among other professions.

Of the 228 individuals arrested, 21 were in the country illegally.

Authorities also identified at least 13 potential human trafficking victims. The sheriff noted that within one year of performing these types of operations, 58 human trafficking victims had been identified.

One suspect who was trying to pay $150 to have sex with a woman told authorities that he was a volleyball coach from New York who tutored middle school students, Judd said.

Another man arrested was a math and science teacher at New Beginnings High School in Auburndale, according to Judd.

“He came to have sex. He called it a quick visit for $60,” Judd told reporters. “Well, since he’s able to teach math, he can figure out that it didn’t add up this time.”

Sheriff, you’ll have to excuse me, but what the hell does that mean?

I have trouble with math-related humor, but even so, I’m just not sure that joke makes sense.

Here’s the photos:



Prostitution can’t be illegal. It’s tyranny. The government has no right to tell you who you can have sex with. (Unless you’re gay, but that’s a whole other thing.)

Prostitution is called “the oldest profession” for a very good reason. As soon as someone invented money, every single bitch on the planet said “well, I’ve got something to trade for that money.”

It’s a sin, but it is the most natural thing in the world and it is the single most obvious possible economic transaction.

When you get married, you are paying a woman to have sex with her for life. Prostitution is a mini-marriage. You pay for one time, instead of a lifetime.

The government doesn’t have a right to tell you what to do unless you’re causing problems for other people. Visiting a hooker doesn’t cause a problem for anyone.

This is Vagina Law. Women want a situation where the only possible way you can have access to sex is by doing whatever they want you to do. Get tattoos, take steroids, buy a Range Rover, get hair implants, be funny, be sensitive, be romantic, be alpha, don’t tell me what to do, assert yourself, stop trying to control me, etc. etc. etc.

Liberated women freak out at the idea a guy can work for a few hours and pay a bitch for the experience. They view hookers as scabs, breaking the picket line, and their customers as cheaters who refuse to play the game, refuse the tattoos and steroids and Range Rovers.

No government run by men would ever ban hooking (unless there was a syphilis outbreak and antibiotics didn’t exist).

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.