Families Looking for Religious Alternatives to Boy Scouts as Organization Focuses on Anal

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Maybe dads should just take their sons out in the woods to go hunting and fishing and stuff?

Any of these organizations are going to be run by homosexuals at this point. Homosexuals are everywhere now, and there is no consequence for them if they prey on little boys.

Even if an organization says it’s “Christian,” they’re still going to molest your sons.

New York Post:

Some families are eyeing faith-based alternatives to the Boy Scouts – soon to be rebranded to Scouting America – as some say the organization has left its founding mission behind.

“Anytime organizations lose their rootedness, and especially if we chase these progressive visions, we end up waking up in a world that’s really hard to recognize and very difficult to navigate, and I think that’s what’s happening to some of these organizations,” Matt Markins, president and CEO of faith-based organization Awana, told ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ on Sunday.

His organization focuses on the discipleship of children, bringing them closer to Christ and preparing them for leadership through a Bible-based youth ministry program. That mission is one Markins says the organization will maintain.

We have a saying in our organization that Awana is rooted in Scripture, centered on the gospel. We’re never going to move one inch off of that,” he said, speaking to co-hosts Will Cain and Pete Hegseth.

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) reemerged onto the news scene recently after announcing plans to rebrand to “Scouting America” next year. It was far from the first controversial change, however. Its prior decisions to allow openly gay scout leaders and members, as well as girls and transgender youth to join, also sparked backlash among some but support from others.

Yeah, don’t trust these people.

You can’t trust anyone in America.

Everyone is either Jewish or gay. Many are both.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.