Envious Slob Musk Asks JK Rowling to Stop Upsetting Trannies

Bashing trannies is “interesting and positive,” Elon.

How about you focus on losing weight and producing an electric car for under $10,000 like the Chinese did?

New York Post:

Elon Musk has asked J.K. Rowling to stop posting her views about transgenderism on X, suggesting the “Harry Potter” author instead focus on creating “interesting and positive” content on the social platform he owns.

“While I heartily agree with your points regarding sex/gender, may I suggest also posting interesting and positive content on other matters?” the billionaire, 52, wrote on X on Saturday in response to a nearly month-old post by fellow billionaire Rowling in which she offered up her definition of a woman.

Rowling, 58, has long been vilified by trans rights activists for her views on sex and gender, which she frequently shares on the platform, placing herself on the receiving end of both boycotts and death threats over the years.

But the world-famous author has steadfastly stood her ground, frequently sparring with detractors on the platform who have labeled her a “TERF,” or trans-exclusionary radical feminist, and even trolling activists over their use of gender-neutral language, which Rowling says she believes constitutes erasure of biological women.

Musk’s ask is particularly puzzling given the multi-billionaire’s own history of questionable tweets about trans-related issues.

It is hilarious that trannies are the only thing Rowling talks about.

But it’s like: no one else with any sort of power is talking about it.

She feels strongly about the issue, sees that no one else is talking about it, and feels like she has to.

It’s similar to the way Andrew Anglin shills for the Chinese.

The Chinese actually created an electric car they sell for $9,700.

No one in America is even aware of this fact.

Teslas cost as much as BMWs.

Why would electric cars cost more than real cars?