Elon Yips at Zelensky, Attempts to Nip, Slips and Falls, Pisses, Shits on Self

Censorship-obsessed Elon “The Yipper” Musk, a small and disgusting dog known best for buying Twitter in order to escalate its censorship policies, is now yipping at that ratty Jew Zelensky, but as usual, nothing was accomplished except his own embarrassment.

He’s recently yipped at both George Soros and Zelensky, so it’s getting close to the time for him to go on a podcast with Ben Shapiro and have the rabbis piss on him as he apologizes profusely and begs for his right to exist as a human being in the universe while crying like a little girl.

He made the very light and limp anti-Zelensky statements on the podcast of Lex Fridman.


Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky must avoid needlessly sending young Ukrainians to be slaughtered on the battlefield with Russia, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said. His comments come amid Kiev’s faltering counteroffensive, which Moscow claims has already left tens of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers dead.

Speaking in an interview with US podcaster Lex Fridman released on Friday, the tech billionaire was asked whether he believed Zelensky should negotiate peace with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Musk did not provide a straight answer, but noted he would “just recommend [that Zelensky] do not send the flower of Ukrainian youth to die in trenches,” regardless of whether he engages with Putin or not.

“Whoever goes on the offensive will lose massive numbers of people and history will not look kindly upon them,” he added.

He wouldn’t even give a straight answer.

No straight answer on Israel-Hamas either.

Of course not. He’s a gutless coward. He claims he banned me because of a policy against masturbating on Twitter, but it was actually because I was calling out wars.

Here’s the full video:

An amateur might see this video and only notice two men with very good hair implants chatting. However, one of these men is Jewish, and the other one is a small dog who views himself as racially inferior, and believes Jews are his masters.

Do not watch past the 20-minute mark unless you want to see a truly disgusting and horrific scene. This Jew Lex ask why Elon wants to ban the ADL, the defenders of the Jewish people. Lex says “why are you trying to do a second Holocaust against the chosen ones?” Elon starts sobbing, then Lex stands up and says “alright, come on boys,” and Ben Shapiro comes out with a group of twenty or more Orthodox rabbis with their pants down.

Elon sees Ben and the rabbis and starts screaming “I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry! Please!” and then: “My daddy didn’t love me! Do you understand? He never loved me! I’m so sorry! I will censor more and more and more, I promise!”

I’m not even going to tell you what happens next, but you can imagine it.