Elon is Suing Soros’ Media Matters Hate Group



It would probably be better if he just continued to capitalize on the backlash against Jews.

NYT claimed that after he said Jews support mass immigration and hate white people, Twitter was “scrambling to contain the fallout.” In reality, only one company pulled ads. We are already at a point where cries of “anti-Semitism” (I don’t know about that hyphen anymore) sounds like a boy crying wolf. Everyone, including Twitter advertisers, are exhausted by it, and the public doesn’t care. NYT can smear Twitter’s advertisers with this label, and nothing will happen to them.

I also suspect that many of the advertisers are sick of being used as pawns in this Jewish game to destroy people. The entire concept here is that the ADL, a shakedown group, calls these advertisers and informs them in so many words that if they do not stop advertising on Twitter, they will be smeared as antisemites all through the media, including and especially in the New York Times, where both the publisher and editor-in-chief are Jews with whom Jonathan Greenblatt has a personal relationship.

It’s actually probably illegal what he is doing. But this is how the Jews have always operated: they have an ethnic network that they use to hurt people they view as enemies. Musk is an enemy.

It doesn’t matter if an ad appears next to “hate.” No one would ever even think about that concept other than Jews. Companies do not worry about their reputation being damaged by the ad, they worry about Jonathan Greenblatt using his connections in the media to damage their reputation.

Of course, the Times will simply say they are just reporting what happened, very innocently.

But has any single person ever stopped doing business with a company because the company’s ad appeared next to “hate” on social media? I don’t believe it’s ever happened. The Jews themselves don’t even care, because even if they are really sensitive to the content of the tweet, any normal person is capable of understanding that this is just something that happens.

It’s clearly a criminal conspiracy to engage in mass tortious interference with Twitter’s business relationships.

By the way, the ADL also did this to Facebook. Zuck totally caved and now the ADL has free rein to decide what is allowed on the platform.