“DROWNED IN A HOT TUB. HAHAHAHA” or the Urgent Necessity of Brutal Irish Nepotism

On the day that guy from Friends died, a former SNL writer mocked him with a hilarious tweet.

Although the tweet got criminally low engagement, the writer is a notable public person, with a Wikipedia page, so the tabloid media decided to write up some outrage porn on it.

The New York Post said when people complained, he said “I just thought it was funny. But I do love it when junkies die.” I clicked the link for that one.


But the joke’s punchline is still up:

“Mic, I want to introduce you to my good friend, Floor.”

He’s doing shameless self-promotion from the media pumping him.

A man after my own heart.

I found the story on a secret gaming forum. One of the posters commented on the story:

The writer sounds like a jew. Only a jew would make comments like that and expect to get away with it.

I found this to be an outrage. It doesn’t sound Jewish, it sounds hilarious.

He’s using his podcast name for his Twitter handle, which a horrible branding move, and the headlines were calling him “Ex-SNL Writer,” so after reading that comment and feeling disgusted, I had to go find his name: “Kevin Brennan.”

I said: “yeah. That checks out.”

And then I saw the picture of his face:

There was no need to check his Early Life at that point.

We’ve all seen those eyes glaring out of IRA ski masks.

As to “only a Jew would think they could get away with it”…

Throughout history, Irishmen have been caught doing various crimes and been asked why they thought they could get away with it and answered “who said I thought I was gonna get away with it?”

The only two men to break out of Alcatraz and not ever have their bodies wash up on the shore were my grandpa’s second cousins.

Wiki, for anyone who doesn’t know the story. It’s what the Clint Eastwood film “Escape from Alcatraz” is based on (regrettably, Clint doesn’t play one of my relatives, but their partner, who did wash up on shore). “Clarence” is pronounced with one syllable only – “Clarnce.”

They happened to get away with it, but I don’t think they thought they were going to.

Before seeing this story hot tub drowning joke outrage story, I was still trying to come up with a term for what we, the Irish, should be referring to each other as. “He’s a brother” is ground too well-staked by the niggers. There has to be a term of endearment by which diaspora and field Irish can use to refer to one another. We are a tribal, alien group, forced to live in captivity among the heathens, and we need to have brotherhood and endearment towards one another (insofar as that is possible for Irishmen).

It’s dawned on me now: “He’s kin.”

“Brother” is fine in the right context though, as in: “Brother Kevin, you’ve got to put your real name on your Twitter account. Shameless self-promotion is good, but the podcast isn’t you; you’re the podcast. You’re famous enough to have a Wikipedia page, and you’re doing rookie numbers on Twitter.”

I used edgy jokes to become seriously famous, and when Elon let me on Twitter for 2.5 months, before I was banned for something hilarious*, I got 40,000 followers. Or maybe it was closer to 30,000. Anyway, it was a lot more than you, kinsman.

Congrats on the edgy joke’s success.

But you see how it’s your name that’s trending. “MLC Podcast” is not trending.

That’s actually not a good podcast name at all. I saw that it’s an acronym for “Misery Loves Company,” which I guess is okay. It shouldn’t be an acronym. But it doesn’t really matter what the podcast is called, because everyone is just going to refer to it as “The Kevin Brennan podcast.”

To wit: Joe Rogan’s podcast is called “The Joe Rogan Experience,” and yet I’ve never heard anyone say or write “The Joe Rogan Experience” (outside of news sites that have a style guide that says they’re supposed to do that). People say “he was on Joe Rogan” or “I was listening to the Joe Rogan show.”

You have to be the brand.

You would know this if the Irish had a ruthlessly nepotistic network within the entertainment and media industry, like a certain other group of American ethnics. I would have told you. Norm, may God rest his soul, would have been obligated by fanatical tribal loyalty to explain a lot of protips to the both of us. Instead, according to your Wikipedia page, you’re incapable of cooperating with your own brother.

We have to start wanting each other to succeed. Difficult as that may be, we have to do it.

We need to develop a ruthless nepotism, and we need to do it quickly. I will remind you, dear cousin, we were on the brink of world domination just a few decades ago.

By the way, it wasn’t just Bobby that Jack brought in. Several cabinet members were paddies, and his team of advisors was all paddies, referred to by the media as “The Irish Mafia.” Jack was not an incidental Irishman – this was a total Irish takeover of the American state. This was Joe’s plan: we lost the motherland, so we’re taking America.

They killed our king, then went ahead and popped the prince as well. (By “they,” I mean the Jews. Oswald was a patsy, and was going to prove it, so the kike Ruby shot him. Bobby was allegedly killed by a Palestinian who was likely subject to MK Ultra/”Manchurian Candidate” techniques as a child. He has maintained for decades the claim that he has no memory of the shooting at all, but also say that he knows he fired his weapon. But Sirhan probably didn’t fire the killshot anyway.)

Now, our kin can’t even gain a thousand followers a year on Twitter with more or less passable content. (Unless they’ve sold out to the Jews and become unfunny house paddies, a la Colbert, who literally pretends to be French, and Fallon, who is a whiny brat with no jokes. They both sing songs about vaccines.)

Meanwhile, this weasel kike “comedian” called Steve Hofstetter had 200,000 followers when he quit Twitter in 2022 because he was having a meltdown over Kanye West saying people should have rights. He makes pro-gun control “jokes” and gets on stage and whines about how oppressed he is. It’s “moralization comedy.” I looked at it in some detail a few years ago, and it stuck out in my mind as demonstrating the power of nepotism.

Brother, we are being oppressed. We are much funnier than the Jews.

I haven’t listened to Brennan’s podcast yet, or looked up any of his other materials. I also don’t remember him, even though I used to watch standup comedy as a kid in the 1990s and early 2000s, and have listened to comedy podcasts with some regularity for years.

However, I scanned his Twitter feed, and he’s interacting with Anthony Cumia and Alex Stein, and you know. He’s on the level.

If he wants to get real edgy, and get a whole bunch of news headlines, I can help. I’m very good at that.

But it’s not advisable. They will just completely fuck you. I’m an edgy Irish comedy writer, and yet, I’m known to the world as a “neo-Nazi white supremacist” due to a lockdown on my Wikipedia page, which pretends the only edgy thing I ever said was “Jews weren’t gassed, but they should have been.” I’ve made equally edgy statements every day for a decade, and even though the media has reported on my calls for the legalization of rape as well as my advocacy of forced child marriage, for example, no one is allowed to put “neo-Nazi, pro-rape activist, and advocate of forced child marriage” in my Wiki intro (or even the body of the article) – despite the fact that these statements are presumably much edgier than Holocaust denial.

In fact, I’ve consistently called for biological weapons to be used to exterminate all life on earth. Assuming everything I say is very straightforward and serious (which is true), does not “advocacy for killing everyone” overwrite the relevance of every other offensive statement I’ve made, given that none of it would matter if everyone was dead?

If we had a ruthlessly nepotistic network, there would be “Wikipedia Irish” to correct this problem I have, along with all the other problems we have. This is a matter of urgent necessity. We need a lot of money. If we see paddies who are not doing well, and are not rich, we need to view that as a threat to the power of our race, and provide them with assistance, just like I’ve helped you out with your branding problems.

Brother Kevin. You want a lot of money. I want a lot of money. We both want to be ridiculously wealthy and force our will on society. We want an Irishman in the White House. Well, I guess there is an Irishman in the White House, but he’s a house nigger kikesucker and race traitor.

We need to come together.

Brother Morrissey said it: “unite and take over.”

I used screenshots of the tweets, because this paddy is talking about Israel and cyber-bullying black people, and there is nothing more frustrating to me than when someone I’ve written about gets banned and it breaks my articles because the embeds stop working. He’s already got a strike from the “dead junkies” tweet, and Elon’s censorship campaign has basically reached “Gaza levels.” But the tweets here are all still up (save the one that got Elon’d). Show your support for junkies dying and give him a follow. If your Irish, it’s your duty: this man was an SNL writer, he’s old, the other comics all seem to know him, and he’s got 6k followers on Twitter. We need to boost him. We need to support each other. This is what we’re doing now, paddy: we’re supporting each other. Of course, I support all white people, and in some much more vague sense, all people regardless of race. But I am formulating Irish nepotism and planning to take over the world. We’re starting small, with Kevin Brennan’s comedy career. 

*It would have broken the flow to include this up there, so here we have the footnote. I was obsessed with footnotes in college, when I was submitting my creative writing on paper. I wrote several fiction and creative nonfiction pieces where the main text was totally garbled and impossible to follow, and another character (or in the case of one thing I recall, myself after recovering from a nervous breakdown) told much or even most of the story in the footnotes. It was staggeringly clever, but it doesn’t really work on the internet. On the internet, footnotes all become endnotes. Most things about the internet are better than printed books, but this is a shame. I could revisit that style in a pdf at some point, and may do so as part of the Illness Revelations. Revisiting a style I invented when I was 19 seems to fit these current and emerging themes.

Anyway, here’s the tweet that got me banned – I was commenting on a guy who had posted a half-naked picture of his wife and called her a “goddess”:

I wish I had a screenshot that featured the picture of the wife, as it was much funnier. If someone has it, I will add it. But I only have the one from inside the panel when I was told I was being banned for it. It’s still totally unclear if I was actually perma-banned for that, because what happened was, they gave me a 12 hour suspension for it (you can see that is the “delete this yourself” ritual submission and humiliation page, which is the result of deranged psychological research), and after deleting the tweet and waiting 12 hours, I logged back in, and everything was normal, then my account totally locked and I was permabanned. I don’t know if it was that tweet or not just a general “get this troublesome paddy out of her” situation.

The tweet is very vulgar, obviously. But it is also hilarious, on a deep level, and it is nowhere in the universe of the level of vulgarity involved in posting a half-naked picture of your wife on the internet. If the vulgarity of posting a picture like that of your wife is the ocean of vulgarity, then my tweet is wad of spit.

So, this was not fair, even if you believe in Elonism (mass censorship). It’s tit for tat. This person posted a vulgar thing that somehow ended up on my feed, I responded in kind.

My tweet is commenting on the vulgarity of posting a half-naked picture of your wife. Everyone understood. You could explain what is wrong with posting a half naked picture of your wife on the internet in a 1,000 word essay, or you could write what I wrote.

Maybe I’ll write the 1,000 word essay at a later date, but I think everyone gets the idea.

What I would rather do is write an article titled “I Finally Fucked That Guy From Twitter’s Wife,” and have it be this huge pornographic thing, describing different grotesque and humiliating acts I performed on her (“she was still lactating as she’d recently given birth, so I told her to get on all fours and moo like a cow while I milked her”) and include all of the sexy pictures he himself has posted of her, then find his email address and have all of you spam him with it in email and/or Twitter DMs. I would probably also print like 200 copies and have them delivered to his home address if I could find it (I could find it, people are retards).

This sort of bullying is necessary if we wish to maintain a chaste, wholesome, Christian society. I’m sorry if that is counterintuitive, but it’s true.

My question to you all is: who but an Irishman would post that tweet? I know that all my German, Anglo, etc. readers were wincing while they laughed.

Maybe that should be in the Twitter rules, if that yipping faggot Elon ever creates an honest rules list: “Thou shalt not induce a wince, as as the despicable Irishman Anglin hath done.”