Disney Releasing Fourth Consecutive George Floyd Animated Film Despite Massive Losses

Wish, featuring a black bitch fighting evil whites, is Disney’s fourth George Floydist animated film. The first three were disasters for the company, but they’ve decided to keep doing it.

People don’t really seem to be aware of it, but George Floyd’s fat, stupid corpse is still hanging over all of society.

Probably, everyone is aware that Disney has turned the Marvel Cinematic Universe full George Floyd. However, people without kids and people with kids who don’t take their kids to the movies anymore because everything is black and gay probably don’t know that Disney’s line of animated kids movies is full George Floyd.

Seven of the top 10 grossing animated releases were from Disney and released in the five years leading up to George Floyd. None of them feature colored main stars (excluding the Lion King remake, where the blacks voice talking animals in Africa) or homosexual themes, and none have colored people or female directors.

After the Summer of Floyd, when the virus hoax stopped, Disney released double George Floyd films.

Strange World featured Disney’s first homosexual main character, and was decked out with blacks and other coloreds. (I didn’t see it, but watching the trailer just now, it looks like the gay main character has a son and the “second father” is dead, and the film just doesn’t explain that, suggesting the son was produced through surrogacy or was an asshole baby. I’m sure a lot of kids were asking mommy about the mechanics of this.)

Lightyear, which was ostensibly a Toy Story film, was the same thing – homosexuals and all colored people save the main white person. The company did not hire Tim Allen, the comedian who voiced the character since I was a little kid, because he is politically conservative. That was okay in 2019, when Toy Story 4 was released, but not in 2022. Because of George Floyd.

Both of the films failed totally and each lost the company somewhere between $100-$200 million. Part of this was due to China (and several other countries) refusing to screen films with homosexuals (let alone films that are targeted at children, encouraging them to become homosexuals). You can’t really have a modern blockbuster without China. Russia also is not a small market, and they’ve just recently started banning homosexual films.

With Lightyear, the studio had original removed the gay stuff before release so that it could be shown in China, but the temporary CEO (Bob Chopek) announced that because Ron DeSantis said that schools would have to wait until the 4th grade to teach kids anal sex (with men at least), he was putting the gay stuff back in the film as revenge.

This year, Disney released the George Floyd film “Elemental,” which was about race-mixers fighting racism to defend their unnatural relationship. The fact that it portrays race-mixing as “fire having sex with water” is probably notable, though the filmmakers announced that the purpose of the film was to promote interracial sex to children.

It’s unclear if Elemental actually lost money, or just barely broke even, but it sold fewer tickets than any Pixar film ever, excluding the previously mentioned Lightyear.

Later this month, Disney is releasing a fourth George Floyd animated film.

Wish is a totally black thing that is probably all gays, excluding the evil white male villain who is trying to exploit the black bitch.

It’s really incredible to do this four times in a row.

It is Because of George Floyd

It’s not actually because of George Floyd. George Floyd was a moment, which was meant to be revolutionary. Obviously, George Floyd was a black thing, not a gay thing. Blacks don’t even appreciate homosexuals. But it was the symbolic revolutionary moment where the Jewish media told everyone: “now everything is going to change forever.”

People accepted this revolution on its face. But then, after a while, when it became obvious that this meant drastic rises in violent crime (and homosexual children), it was like “okay, well, I don’t really like this.”

In 2022, at his State of the Union, Biden said that it was a lie that the left was trying to “defund the police” and actually, he is trying to “fund the police.”

That shows that everyone was sick of this George Floyd stuff, according to internal polling, by March of 2022. It was effectively an announcement of “okay, we’re dialing back this George Floyd stuff with the blacks.”

I’m sure they had already begun production of Elemental and Wish after Floydism had been rolled back, but we can see with the Marvel films that there is no end in sight to the blackness, feminism, or gay shit. The only apparently “normal” film Disney is releasing at all is Deadpool 3, which was already in production when they bought the studio from Fox. No trailer has been released and that will probably be gay, but it has Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman ostensibly as masculine white male leads (I am sure there will be jokes about them being gay together, at least). I liked the first Deadpool. I didn’t watch the second one. I heard it was gay and it had a female mulatto in the ads (though she was kinda hot, tbh).

They are releasing “The Marvels” next week, which is a vaginal movie with that ugly bitch with toe fungus and a black and a Paki.

There is some precedent for returning to normalcy in entertainment. After the revolutionary period of the 1960s, people started complaining that all the films had serious full-frontal nudity and non-simulated penetration in them, and new rules were set. That’s when the ratings system became relevant and films started getting banned from theaters. It’s also when Clint Eastwood started dominating as a masculine man making fascist films. The initial popularity of Dirty Harry was attributed to people being sick of hippie shit.

I don’t really care very much about movies anymore. I do care, but there are so many old ones I can watch or rewatch. I would prefer if movies that were released were good, like The Departed and Gangs of New York. But it’s okay.

However, this stuff is still harming society, even if not very many people are watching it. In the 1970s, people were literally doing counter-revolutionary protests over all of the hippie sex stuff, but there was a legal framework for that. Actually, there still is a legal framework for obscenity in film, and even in a porno culture where everyone grows up surrounded by hardcore porno on the internet, they can’t show early 1970s-tier porno in the theater.

Complaining to the government about colored people and women definitely wouldn’t be possible, and it probably wouldn’t even be possible to complain to the government about Disney actively trying to turn children homosexual, given the various civil rights decisions that have been made around homosexuality.

Further, this is a sort of barometer showing that even though George Floyd is over in most people’s minds, and even though nearly two years ago, Biden announced it was over, George Floydism continues to dominate the corporate culture. That isn’t totally true, because after the Biden announcement, corporations began firing their “diversity and inclusion officers” that they hired during the George Floyd uprising. There was a big article that the Wall Street Journal released un-paywalled about this back in July.

Corporations also didn’t appoint a bunch of black CEOs, as they’d vaguely implied they were going to do (if I recall correctly, it wasn’t ever stated directly, but there was a lot of “it’s time for white men to step aside” and so on).

Still, all of the entertainment companies are still willing to lose money. Look at the video games. Diablo 4 was released in June, and you open the game and you have a choice of five black characters. Granted, I’m sure the development was primarily during the Floydist era, but they could have changed stuff around before release. This is a game where probably less than 1% of the player-base is black, and the blacks who do play it recognize it as a “white peepo game” and would not be demanding representation (plus, they can always create a black character – that’s been the case forever and even I don’t care about that). This is a game set in medieval Russia, where having half or more of the population black simply doesn’t make any sense.

There have been analyses showing that if you put a black character on the front of a video game (or in the main ad online), the sales drop massively, and companies keep doing it. (Note: That sentence might imply there was some big study done, so I want to clarify: I don’t think there has been an actual study showing this, because no one would do that study unless they were using it to prove gamers are racist, but I’ve seen big things on 4chan comparing sales of similar games with and without black people on the cover, and it’s clearly the case that sales drop. No one doesn’t know this, and it’s simply impossible that studios haven’t noted internally that when they are marketing a game primarily to whites, with a minority Asian player-base, blacks on the cover kill sales.)

What’s more: consumers are clearly more sensitive towards blacks dominating entertainment media which is clearly primarily intended for a white audience post-Floyd. Battlefield 1, released in 2016, is the first game I remember featuring a black on the cover, and though people on 4chan were complaining, this doesn’t seem to have affected sales. However, in the post-Floyd age, people understand that replacing white characters with blacks is actually a personal attack on them, and many are unwilling to spend money to be attacked.

It’s scary when corporations are willing to lose money in order to force an agenda on you. It shows that something has gone out of control. It’s not normal. Corporations should want money. That is the basis of our system: companies are supposed to be driven by profit, and the government is supposed to make rules so that that profit motive cannot be socially destructive. Business and government should in some sense be in opposition, because they should counterbalance each other. Not that there can’t be public-private stuff, not like they’re at war with each other, but there should be opposition.

If the system has changed, and now both public and private actors are working in concert to destroy the white race, put women in charge of everything, and make everyone gay, then what exactly is driving this? You can just say “the Jews,” and I’m quite sure that is the correct answer, but what exactly is the mechanism? Jews love money, and I don’t think they actually care about black people, so if a Jew owns a game company, and knows that he will lose 30-50% on sales if he puts a black woman on the cover, why does he do it?

You can say “well, Jews care more about destroying society than they care about making money,” and maybe that is true in some broad sense, but I don’t think it is true for individual Jews, in most cases. Particularly in the cases where the Jews are successful monied Jews, I do not believe it is the case.

I doubt it is the case for Bobby Kotick (Activision-Blizzard).

Or for Robert Altman (Zenimax/Bethesda).

I think those are two individual Jews who would prefer the cash. They’ll sneak some race, vagina, or gay shit in if it doesn’t cost them money, but when you’re talking about “massive sales loss,” I just don’t believe they would do that, all things being equal. However, for some reason they are doing it.

I will further say that Disney’s Bob Iger would pick money over causing social harm, if he had to choose. He’s publicly walked back some of the “woke” stuff, due to losses. He said this in a blunt way in September, and he implied it before that.

This clearly demonstrates that he does care about money. If it was only about forcing the agenda, he would just attack audiences for not watching race/vagina/anal propaganda, as many have already done.

Still, the company just keeps pumping out this “Never Forget George Floyd” tripe that no one wants (or very few people want – I do not think black people care that Disney is releasing a bunch of black-centric cartoons, though probably Jews and unmarried white women appreciate it).

So, what mechanism is enforcing this George Floydism on the corporate world?

I don’t know the answer to that.

The goto answer is “Larry Fink and BlackRock.” I guess that’s a good answer. He’s an individual Jew who is apparently more invested in doing harm than he is in money. He might also feel he has so much money that it doesn’t matter.

Still, you would think if that was happening, then all of the individual Jews who care more about money would be pushing back more.

You do have to look at Jews as individuals though. They engage in nepotism and so on, but in terms of like a single point of planning, they don’t have that. They do operate as individuals in a group. This is especially true now. It was less true when they were all religious, and meeting in the synagogue, but most of them now are not religious – among the powerful ones, virtually none are religious. Bibi Netanyahu pretends to be religious, for political pandering purposes, but even he is not actually religious.

These Jews fight with each other. You saw the way they threw poor Harvey Weinstein under the bus, sent him to die in prison. And that was over personal offense. You’d think there would be a massive backlash to Fink, a single Jew, messing with people’s money.

Maybe he’s so powerful though that they just leave him alone. It’s not totally clear.

Up Next for Disney Animation: Light-Skinned Quadroon

For the record, there is at least one datapoint that indicates Disney will dial back the social agenda.

The first trailer for the next Disney-Pixar film, scheduled for 2025, has been released. (Released rather early, I might add – they must have wanted the trailer out early for some reason, and produced it way before finishing the film. Generally, production is finished about a year before release.)

Elio’s teaser starts out with what looks like a mulatto female computer genius. It shows a photo, showing that she is married to a white guy, so her son, the titular Elio, is a light-skinned quadroon. It’s highlighted that her husband is white, and therefore the quadroon has light-skin.

From the trailer, I don’t see anything gay, or any themes around race-mixing. It honestly just looks like a fun kids’ film, like Disney films when I was a kid, with the classic premise of a normal kid from earth getting caught at the center of big space drama.

If you were looking at this from the outside, you might think that scaling down the main character’s blackness to 25% is symbolic of the George Floyd agenda going out of style.

I doubt that is actually happening, but replacing black-dominated films with a light-skinned quadroon is too weird to not note, as it really seems like a purposeful signal that someone – Iger, specifically – is trying to dial this back due to losses.

Frankly, I am almost certain that this was originally slated to have a dark-skinned kid as the star (the voice actor appears Indian or something), and Bob Iger went in and said “nope, we can’t do this again – it’s costing too much money,” that some people on the team said “yeah, but what about George Floyd? We’re never supposed to forget him,” and then the idea of a light-skinned quadroon was pitched and accepted.