Dark Figure Known for Punching Women Tells Cops “You Have to Check Women Sometimes”

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Yo, put a MAGA hat on this nigga, because he knows what’s up.

He’s tapped in.

He’s check-maxxing the woman pill.

New York Post:

A deranged maniac charged with slugging eight women during a misogynistic crime spree allegedly told cops he targeted the victims because “You have to check women sometimes.”

Daquan Armstead, 31, told police that he preferred not to pick on men, Manhattan prosecutors said Wednesday as the accused slugger was arraigned on assault charges and ordered held on $20,000 bail.

It’s different with men,” Armstead allegedly told cops. “They don’t test you like women.”

Armstead was picked up by cops shortly after midnight and charged with third-degree assault and harassment in eight unprovoked attacks on women this year, authorities said.

Where is the lie?

I am going to contact Daquan about a potential run for Congress. This is the type of man we need representing us in the government.

He gets it.

Daquan Armstead