Citing Religious Delusion, Andrew Anglin Declares Himself “Supreme Leader of the Irish Race”

Anglin has claimed he arrived in Ireland on an IRA pontoon boat under the cover of darkness late Friday night

This article is reprinted from the New York Times without permission. 

The neo-Nazi, holocaust denier, racist, anti-Semite, climate denier, AIDS denier, Covid denier, woman’s rights denier, psychiatry denier, rape advocate, anti-vaxer, Russian shill, Chinese shill, Hamas and Iranian shill, anti-Japanese activist, pro-alcohol activist, advocate of forced child marriage, and advocate for the killing of the entire human species using biological weapons, Andrew Anglin, has declared himself “Supreme Leader of the Irish Race.”

Anglin, who once made jokes about an obese dead woman, cited religious delusions, including a messiah complex, as well as a “a massive brain tumor” as an explanation for his brash declaration of sovereign authority over all Irish people and his belief that it is “the destiny of the Irish people to rule the world with an iron fist.”

The neo-Nazi claimed that he is no longer a neo-Nazi or a racist, and is simply “against everyone who is not Irish.” He added: “I still support Hitler though,” without mentioning any other non-Irish person he is not “against.”

Anglin has issued various “fatwas” to the Irish people, both in the global diaspora and in Ireland. He had never been to Ireland before claiming to have arrived there late Friday night on an IRA pontoon boat that had departed from Cyprus. He only connected to his Irish identity two days ago, while watching the Martin Scorsese film “The Departed.”

These fatwas include:

  • “Any Irishman who denies my authority is a traitor to the Eire and the entire Irish race”
  • “It’s not just the English anymore – the whole world is against the Irish and attempting to violate our motherland, and therefore, we are at war with the whole world, indefinitely”
  • “Firewater is big medicine, but keep that shit in check, paddy”

Anglin further announced an Irish Republican Army (IRA) invasion and planned conquest of Great Britain. Anglin warned the British: “we will march on London, we will slap off your top hats and smash your tea cups.”

He added that after the invasion of Britain, he will “force the United Nations to acknowledge the dominance and authority of Irish people and the global supremacy of the Irish race.”

Going further still, Anglin claimed that “the entire East Coast of the United States is a part of Greater Ireland,” and compared the presence of non-Irish in this large territory to “the criminal Zionist occupation of Palestine.”

The Times asked ten people on the streets of Dublin about Anglin’s declarations of supreme authority over them. Of the ten, nine gave the exact same reply – “that’s a laugh, eh?” and walked away – while the tenth declared his allegiance to Anglin and a belief in global Irish racial supremacy in a vulgar manner, telling the Times “best watch yourself, laddy – it’s coming.” This tenth man then began stroking his beard in a menacing manner, and the Times was compelled to withdraw.

The militant wing of the IRA issued a statement stating “we are still considering Anglin’s terms, and we’ll get back to you – everything checks out, but we need to go over this thing again after Uncle Tommy sobers up.”

Note to the IRA, the British authorities, and other concerned parties: This article is humorous and intended for entertainment purposes only.