Chinese Student Trolls Scholz, Asks If He’d be Forced to Smoke Weed in Germany

“Hello, my dear Chinese. I am a white man and I am in charge of a big country. I am mentally retarded, which is why my face looks like this.”

“Thank you all for coming. I am so retarded. Thank you very much, my Chinese. Thank you. Farewell.”


Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Monday reassured Chinese students in Shanghai that they did not have to smoke cannabis if they studied in Germany and that Germany had legalised cannabis hoping that consumption would go down.

Scholz made the comments in response to a question from a student at Tongji University, who asked whether he would have to smoke cannabis if he studied in Germany, as the drug was not legal in China.

Germany passed legislation to legalise cannabis in February, allowing individuals and associations to grow and possess limited quantities of cannabis.

We don’t want more people to consume cannabis, we want fewer people to consume cannabis, we want there to be more public education about it,” Scholz said.

I don’t know what it says about white people that they don’t understand the Chinese boy was joking, mocking the deranged, sickening nature of legalizing marijuana.

It definitely shows a cultural disconnect that “will I be forced to smoke weed?” was taken to be a serious inquiry.

If he had asked “will I be forced to have gay sex?”, that could have been taken as a genuine question.

I won’t visit Germany because from the advertisements, it appears that when you go there, they force you to have gay sex.

No one actually believed that legalizing weed would reduce consumption. Maybe Scholz did because he has Down syndrome. But no one else thought that.

The government wants people high on drugs so they ask fewer questions about what the hell is going on.