Canada: Doctor Amputates 2 Healthy Fingers from Man Suffering from “Body Integrity Dysphoria”

It’s nice to know that the removal of healthy body parts is no longer only targeted at penises.

It’s no surprise that Canada is behind this very logical action. Canada is also at the forefront of the plan to kill everyone.


A young Quebec man has had two healthy fingers surgically removed reportedly as a result of a rare condition that produces an intense desire to amputate a healthy body part, such as an arm or a leg, or in this case, fingers.

The Canadian National Post reported that the man, 20, had experienced “incessant”, intrusive thoughts since childhood about his left hand’s fourth and fifth fingers. These included the feeling that they weren’t his, that they didn’t belong to his body and nightmares in which his fingers were burning or rotting.

Prior to securing surgery, the young man had become so desperate that he was considering the construction of a miniature guillotine to remove the hated digits himself.

However, his plans were put on ice when a surgeon at a local hospital agreed to amputate his fingers, in what is the first known case of “digits amputation” for the man’s condition, Body Integrity Dysphoria (BID).

Attempts at non-invasive treatment, including antidepressants and various forms of therapy, did nothing but increase the ambidextrous 20 year old’s distress.

Dr Nadia Nadeau of the department of psychiatry at Université Laval wrote in the journal Clinical Case Reports prior to the surgery that he “hides his fingers, keeps them flexed, leading to impaired dexterity, localized pain, irritability and anger”.

“He had contemplated asking a friend to watch over him and be prepared to call emergency services in case his attempt [at amputation] led to a need for resuscitation,” Dr Nadeau wrote.

After he underwent the surgery, Dr Nadeau shared that the young man’s nightmares and distress had ceased.

This is not the first time an amputation has been carried out as part of treatment for BID. In the 1990s, a surgeon in Scotland amputated one leg above the knee each for two men who had been turned away by other doctors but said they had a “desperate” need to be amputees.

The similarity between BID and gender dysphoria has been observed by many, with the young Quebec man himself relating his condition to gender dysphoria following research.

It’s unclear what people thought was going to happen after doctors started cutting off body parts for reasons ostensibly related to mental health. This only follows logically.

Did you see the media celebrating that woman who made herself blind?