California Judge Won’t Dismiss “False Advertising” Claims Against Tesla Over “Autopilot” Death Trap

If you read the literature, Tesla states that “Autopilot” is not an autopilot, and that you have to keep your hands on the wheel at all times and be prepared for the “full self-driving” software to do something that will cause a crash.

That is to say: it is not actually “full self-driving,” it is just a gimmick for you to play with. It has no practical purpose. If you have to keep your hands on the wheel and watch everything the “autopilot” does, you might as well just drive the car yourself, no? The entire point of “self-driving” is to allow you to do other things while you’re in the car.

Despite the fact that Tesla has repeatedly explained that this is not really self-driving, Elon has continually claimed publicly that it is. It’s been in promotional material as well.

If “false advertising” is a crime, it is impossible to claim Elon isn’t guilty.


A California administrative judge rejected Tesla’s bid to dismiss claims by a top state regulator accusing the automaker led by billionaire Elon Musk of overstating its vehicles’ self-driving capabilities.

In a decision on Monday, Judge Juliet Cox of the state Office of Administrative Hearings said the accusations by California’s Department of Motor Vehicles would if true support an enforcement action against Tesla.

The DMV had in July 2022 accused Tesla of misleading consumers about vehicles with Autopilot and Full Self-Driving technology, saying they “could not at the time of those advertisements, and cannot now, operate as autonomous vehicles.”

It sought remedies that could include suspending Tesla’s license to sell vehicles in California, and requiring Tesla to make restitution to vehicle owners.

Federal prosecutors are separately examining whether Tesla committed fraud by misleading investors about self-driving, according to three people familiar with the matter.

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I don’t know if “false advertising” should be a crime or not. I kinda think it shouldn’t be, but Elon is actually killing a lot of people with this hoax of his. A lot of people did not read the fine print, thought “Autopilot” meant “autopilot,” and now they are very dead.

Teslas do not crash very well because they are made of the cheapest possible garbage materials.

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