BOOM: NBC Reports West in Negotiations with the Ukraine for SURRENDER!

Here’s the original article. I always quote publications that have a better format for my quote system, but this is important enough you might want the original.

It’s over, faggots!

Get off the battlefield and go mourn your dead!

Just so you understand – I want to make sure everyone understands this point – “peace negotiations” mean “negotiated surrender.” It’s a euphemism, in the vein of changing the name of the “Department of War” to the “Department of Defense.”

No one wants to use the word “surrender,” because it sounds nasty. But that’s what the Ukraine would be doing in “peace negotiations” with Russia – they would be offering a “conditional surrender.”


Western officials are engaged in behind-the-scenes talks with Kiev about potential peace negotiations with Russia, trying to find out what concessions Ukraine might agree to in order to end the conflict, NBC News reported on Saturday, citing sources.

Several US officials familiar with the matter described the discussions – which took place during last month’s meeting of more than 50 nations that are backing Kiev – as “delicate.”

According to the report, the talks were driven by growing fears among Western officials that the conflict between Kiev and Moscow “has reached a stalemate.” Western countries are also said to be concerned that Ukraine is “running out of forces,” and about their own ability to continue providing aid to Kiev.

Two NBC sources said that US President Joe Biden has been particularly focused on Ukraine’s manpower issues, with one official stating that while the West can provide Kiev with weapons, “if they don’t have competent forces to use them, it doesn’t do a lot of good.”

Oh, wow – they’re out of soldiers?

I forget – is there a political commentator who has been saying since spring of 2022 that it doesn’t matter how many weapons the US sends, it won’t matter because the Ukraine is not going to have anyone left to use them?

Did someone keep saying that, over and over, for nearly two years?

What was his name?

Another major concern is the conflict between Hamas and Israel, which has drawn attention away from the hostilities in Ukraine, potentially making new aid packages more difficult.

Wait, was there a guy who kept saying that the Ukraine war would end if the US opened another war on another front?

Did someone keep saying that over and over, and then start laughing when the Israel-Hamas conflict began?

What the hell was that guy’s name???

I want to call him and congratulate him on being so, so right while so many gay retards doubted him.

When it comes to the situation on the battlefield, some US officials reportedly described it as “a war of inches,” suggesting that the outcome of the conflict will hinge on how long each side can maintain a capable standing army. NBC’s sources also privately warned that Ukraine may only have several months “before more urgent discussions about peace negotiations should begin.”

Wasn’t there a guy who said, in February of 2022, that the war was totally futile, regardless of any other factors, given that Russia is a much bigger country with a much bigger army?

Meanwhile, some Western officials reportedly suggested that as an incentive to consider talks with Russia, NATO could offer Ukraine some security guarantees short of formal accession to the bloc.

Publicly, US President Joe Biden has said that Washington would not engage in any talks on the Ukraine conflict unless Kiev wants to. However, while Moscow has never closed the door to negotiations with Kiev, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky signed a decree last year banning all engagement with Russia after four former Ukrainian regions overwhelmingly voted to join the country.

By the way, let’s just be totally clear here: this is fake news.

It’s not fake news that they’re talking about a surrender. I’m sure that’s true. But it’s fake news that the block on the surrender is the Zelensky government.

Zelensky tried to surrender in March-April of 2022, weeks after the initial invasion. He publicly stated that he was engaged in discussions for surrender. Then Boris Johnson flew in and told him he wasn’t allowed to do that.

What the US is doing, and what this NBC News article is doing, is framing things as if the Ukraine government is in charge. At any point, Blinken or one of his faggots could call Zelensky and say “yeah, sorry, it’s over” and hang up the phone, and that would be that. The Ukraine is not in a position to negotiate with the US on what terms they will or will not accept.

Muddled Mess

I believe this is real news, but I am also not totally convinced this will happen. At least not now, at some point, either this will happen or there will be an open NATO war with Russia – those were always the only two possibilities.

You know, I did a protracted bit the other day about the precariousness of making political predictions. And it’s very true. Making predictions sucks and I hate it.

However, in some situations, the data is so clear that you’re not really making a prediction. In the Ukraine, there were only ever three possibilities, and anyone who said otherwise was stupid or lying:

  • The Russian economy collapses and there is a color revolution in Russia that overthrows the Putin government and installs a regime favorable to the US.
  • NATO enters the war, and you have an open conflict between Russia and NATO (which would almost certainly be joined by China).
  • The Ukraine loses outright, and is forced to surrender, while meeting Russia’s basic terms.

This was as clear as a chessboard, where a smart person really into chess can tell you the possible number of moves at endgame. I’m not good at chess, but I am good at geopolitics, and I had zero doubt, on February 22, that these were the only three options.

The first one was the actual goal of the Biden Administration, but it was effectively totally off the table as soon as China gave Russia a lifeline and the Third World rallied. Logically, the US should have negotiated as soon as it became clear that this was not going to happen. The problem was that the Biden Administration is a complete mess, and various Jews wanted to keep pushing for a NATO-Russia conflict, while the arms companies (represented by Lloyd Austin) lobbied for extending the conflict indefinitely.

After a certain point, only the second two options were on the table. No one could predict it, as it was based on the decision-making of Washington, which is now totally impenetrable. However, I had always leaned towards inevitable surrender.

The Israel-Hamas war made this much more likely, as now you have the entire Israel lobby pushing for Israel to get precedence over the Ukraine.

This scenario of some type of surrender is probably going to happen.

However, Lloyd Austin (the arms lobby) is still shilling for the way to go on forever, and the next pitch is a “limited deployment” of NATO-trained Polish and Romanian soldiers, backed by more US “advisors.” The pitch is that this will not trigger a Russian invasion of Poland, which is almost definitely true.

However, sending in these “limited” NATO troops would have other effects, many of which you can’t even predict.

Furthermore, this kind of deployment wouldn’t really do anything. The fact is, Russia has dug a line that is not penetrable by any type of limited force. There would have to be a serious air force deploying from somewhere other than the Ukraine (Poland) in order to make a dent, and at that point, Russia would almost definitely start organizing an invasion of Poland. Or – and this is not out of the question – Putin would just drop a nuke and then appear on television, half smiling in a condescending way, like “what’s next, boys?”

The most logical thing for Biden’s people, both politically and strategically, is a negotiated surrender where they claim victory because “at least Russia didn’t take the entire Ukraine,” and then pivot to focusing on the Middle East and/or China.

Russia won.