Boeing Jet Bursts Into Flames Immediately After Takeoff

Can these crises just keep happening, without a serious one that kills hundreds of people eventually happening?

The answer is obviously “no.” There is going to be a major crisis that kills everyone onboard one of these jets, and then there is going to finally be a real investigation, and most or all Boeings are going to be grounded. This is going to shoot up the cost of air travel astronomically, as it will take months or even years to figure out why this company is so incapable of basic maintenance of its planes.

I could skip them the trouble of an investigation and just tell them “it’s because of black people and women being hired over white men.”

Some people have suggested that the Boeing crisis is suspiciously helpful to the global warming agenda, which is trying to end commercial flights. It’s clearly helpful, but I’m not sure if it’s suspicious. It seems to me that these various hoaxes, such as “diversity” and “global warming,” all kind of dovetail together.

New York Post:

Terrifying video shows flames shooting from an Air Canada Boeing jet as it took off, forcing it to abruptly turn around for an emergency landing.

The caught-on-camera terror unfolded after Flight AC872 took off from Toronto en route to Paris late Wednesday.

The flames came from the plane suffering an unspecified “engine issue” immediately after taking off with 389 passengers onboard, Air Canada said in a statement.

It quickly turned around and made an emergency landing back at the Toronto airport, where it was met by fire crews. No injuries were reported.

It’s crazy how often this is happening now.

It’s almost unbelievable that the government isn’t doing anything about it.