Andrew Anglin

Memetic Monday: Doomed to a Life of Happiness

Week #3 of the Illness Revelations has begun on a site that is running very well despite the massive ongoing post-7/10 (10/7 for fat people) DDoSing. You can see the themes in the banner. You can see that some of them we've done and some we haven't. So, we need to knock those out and then we're finished. That will be the end. Just joking. I already have a second banner lined up. Not all of the themes of the Revelations would fit in one banner. It's already impossible to read on a phone, I'm sure. There is really no end in sight, aside from my looming death. Last week was kind of a cool down week, what with me dealing with my own personal revelations regarding my Irishness. This week is supposed to be different energy entirely - I want to focus on robot stuff. We've already got robot art, now we need robot information. I've got some takes on this I haven't seen anywhere else, though to be honest, I don't really listen to anyone else. I suspect it's fresh. The takes I do see from the retarded hordes that exist outside of the walls of this website and its very intellectual and handsome readership are saying things that are stupid. It's like that time Paul Krugman (JEWISH KIKE) said in 1998 that the internet was a fad and would be over by 2005. That's how I feel. They're not saying AI will be over in a few years, but they're saying stupid things like "it will take 63.8% of existing jobs." I hate that shit - some exact number, like they did a real serious study that is pinpointing the precise number of jobs that will be lost to AI. This is some way to feel in control. Then they say it will "create new jobs." Like what, you fat retard - typing prompts? Wtf are you talking about "it will create jobs"? Anyway, yeah, we're going into that. It's not as exciting as abolishing the age of consent, but it's nonetheless something that needs to be talked about. I'll try to make it edgy and humorous in a way that appeals to gifted teenage boys who feel alienated by society as well as millennials who are middle-aged and yet still feel like teenagers because of social alienation preventing normal adult socialization. I always do my best. (That alienation was caused by white women, by the way - stop blaming Jews for things white women do. The only thing worse than a white knight is a white knight who blames Jews for women's behavior. Instead of gassing Jews in fake shower rooms, Hitler should have just abolished the age of consent and legalized rape. He probably would have won and all this gay shit would have been fixed before any of us were born.)

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HAPPENING: Tens of Thousands March on White House Screaming “ALLAHU AKBAR – FUCK JOE BIDEN”

This is an Illness Revelations article AND filler (a truly dynamic duo). I know it's current events, and we're trying to keep current events out of the Illness Revelations official category, but we have to consider, [INSERT YOUR NAME], my dear personal friend with whom I have a meaningful parasocial relationship: people will be reading the collected Illness Revelations 100 and 1,000 years from now, so we need to provide some historical context of when these Revelations occurred. You will surely recall that the illness itself coincided with the Hamas attack. I do not believe this is a coincidence.

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Memetic Monday: Please Read My Things

Late. Sorry. But this shit is friggin' funny. Cherry on top of glorious Monday: fresh new energy, peaceful filial piety, actual direct promotion of alcoholism as a healthy lifestyle choice (yo, hello? Self-service department? Can I get a callback to the previous article or do I have to do it myself?), astonishing/overwhelming word count, confounding messianic delusions. Jarring shifts between apparently serious statements and humorous statements, including unclear or potentially ironic self-depreciating humor, without any form of delineation or discernible pattern - fun new style of blurring humor and seriousness that I just thought of 3 hours ago and haven't fully fleshed out (you, my dearest parasocial companion on earth - yes, I am speaking to you, [INSERT YOUR NAME], as an individual, as someone you have a personal relationship with - get to ride along for the process of fleshing out the new style!). You think you know Stormer shock racism humor after a decade of it? Well, hit the refresh button, pal, because during my delusional brain illness state a week and a half ago, I invented 37 new ways to use the word "NIGGER." Guess what? I also invented at least three and maybe four separate ways to justify forced child marriage while making it seem like a joke. How edgy is that?? PLUS: Bombardment with secret messages (widely-celebrated new official Stormer terminology for exciting self-referential humor). Yeah. I'm thinking I'm back.

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