America to Remove Four African Countries from Trade Deal Over Refusal to Embrace the Anus

“Anal Sex is Non-Negotiable” is the official slogan of the United States Empire.

People think it’s a joke. It’s not a joke. They go around everywhere on earth trying to force people to have anal sex.

People bring up Saudi Arabia, which is a non-anal American ally, but part of the subtext of the Abraham Accords was that Saudi would “open up” to “moderate Islam.” MBS started allowing women to drive. He also allowed rock concerts where there is drinking, sex mixing (co-ed), and presumably drug use.

This is from a 2020 music festival in Riyadh. We all know what goes on at scenes like this. That actually might have sex-segregated seating now that I’m looking at it; you can see that most women are not in hijab. We all know this sort of scene, and it’s not a conservative Islam scene. You’re not going to see this in Iran.

At one point, Nicki Minaj was going to perform in Saudi Arabia (she pulled out because of a backlash over chopping up that WaPo faggot). I actually like Nikki, because she’s anti-vax and talks shit to people and doesn’t care, but she makes pornographic music. Nikki’s big single a few years ago was called “Wet Ass Pussy.” (Remember when Hillary Clinton said she really enjoys the song “Wet Ass Pussy” because it liberates women?)

I won’t embed the video, because I’m committed to restricting lust and not triggering anyone’s masturbation reflex. But the video, like the lyrics and really the beat itself, is pornography. If you don’t have a masturbation reflex, you can look it up and see if it looks like something that jives with traditional Islam.

This is to say: over the last five years or so, Saudi has been on the road to anal. Liberating women is the road to anal. I think Prince Mohammed is going to switch it up, and not go down that path, but that was the path he apparently agreed to.

Therefore: Saudi Arabia as an exception to the “everyone has to take it in the ass” rule of the US Empire is very limited. Firstly, they are literally an exception, due to their power as the rich oil baron protectors of Mecca, their proximity to Israel, and the influence they have over the Sunni Islamic world. So, it would be the exception that proves the rule regardless. However, recently it has become clear that some kind of informal deal was made to open a pathway to a man’s gaping anus.

I pray for Prince Mohammed, and I do think plans have changed. But any change of plans with regards to the vaginal and anal agenda lines up with a change in social policy, and vice versa.


US President Joe Biden has revealed plans to expel Uganda, Gabon, Niger and the Central African Republic from a special US-Africa trade programme.

The countries were either involved in “gross violations” of human rights or not making progress towards democratic rule, the president said.

Unlike anal refusalism, “gross violations of human rights” are not an actual barrier to being a US ally. Israel is the most obvious example, but the Ukraine with their child soldiers, human shields, torture, and purposeful targeting of civilians is another example.

Also, the African countries that have agreed to do each other up the ass still have “gross violations of human rights.” That’s just African culture.

The US introduced the African Growth and Opportunity Act (Agoa) in 2000.

It gives eligible sub-Saharan African countries duty-free access to the US for more than 1,800 products.

President Biden said that Niger and Gabon – both of which are currently under military rule following coups this year – are ineligible for Agoa because they “have not established, or are not making continual progress toward establishing the protection of political pluralism and the rule of law”.

He also said that the removal of the CAR and Uganda from the programme was due to “gross violations of internationally recognised human rights” by their governments.

In May, the US government said it was considering removing Uganda from Agoa and introducing sanctions on the country after it passed a controversial anti-homosexuality law.

The law, which imposes a death penalty on people found guilty of engaging in certain same-sex acts, has faced global criticism.

It’s so funny that the media doesn’t ever mention that the death penalty is only on the table when a faggot gets caught with a young boy or engages in something else totally heinous. The New York Times actually did report this interesting detail while also condemning it and effectively communicating that this should be allowed.

Whenever you see that line about Uganda, you should remember: by claiming that Uganda has “the death penalty for homosexuals,” these media outlets are demanding that the government go easy on men who homosexually molest children or anally rape crippled people and retards.

Last month, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni said that several American companies had already stopped importing textiles – which fall under the Agoa trade deal – from Uganda due to the passing of the anti-homosexuality law.

The homosexuals in the US are interfering with our export of textiles. Some of the orders have been cancelled there,” Mr Museveni was quoted as saying by the privately owned Daily Monitor newspaper.

In August, Mr Museveni banned the importation of second-hand clothes, a move thought to target the US, which is a major supplier of the used garments to Uganda and other African countries.

Just to be clear, although the Biden people have specific complaints about the geopolitics of Niger and Gabon, all four listed nations have laws against homosexuality.

Further: there are no geopolitical clashes with Uganda, and I don’t think there are any with CAR either (though don’t quote me on that). The issue is entirely about a demand, by the US government, that the populations of these countries be forced to engage in sickening and abominable acts of anal sodomy that are an abomination before God and man.

See: China Unveils Plan for Worldwide Joy and Peaceful Cooperation at Defense Forum in Beijing

I think the defining variable of the modern geopolitical order is “a Jewish conspiracy for world domination.” However, that is semi-secret (heavy on the “semi”). In terms of what you can see with your eyes, which cannot be denied, the defining variable is sodomy.

This went viral:

Every country on the “good guys” list is an anal country. No country on the “bad guys” list is anal.

It’s a heuristic, but it’s also telling about the nature of this agenda.

As I’ve said six million times: if you accept homosexuality, you cannot maintain any other dominant moral, religious, or cultural order. The acceptance of homosexuality overwrites everything.

There is nothing more primitive and backward than a society that has normalized homosexuality. There is no room for complexity. Everything is reduced to the most base sort of heathen decadence.

Ironically, the blacks are a lot more civilized than white people.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.