America Assures UK Court They Won’t Torture Julian Assange

Do you believe that the Americans will treat a journalist they’ve likened to a terrorist fairly?

Do you think they won’t torture him and then sentence him to death for the crime of questioning the Big Anus regime?

Do you trust these people?

Does anyone? 

The Guardian:

The US has provided assurances to the high court in London in an attempt to prevent a last-ditch appeal by Julian Assange against extradition, but the WikiLeaks founder’s wife has dismissed them as “weasel words”.

Last month, two judges deferred a decision on whether Assange, who is trying to avoid being prosecuted in the US on espionage charges relating to the publication of thousands of classified and diplomatic documents, could take his case to an appeal hearing.

They granted him permission to appeal but only if the Biden administration was unable to provide the court with suitable assurances “that the applicant [Assange] is permitted to rely on the first amendment, that the applicant is not prejudiced at trial, including sentence, by reason of his nationality, that he is afforded the same first amendment [free speech] protections as a United States citizen, and that the death penalty is not imposed”.

On Tuesday, details emerged of the assurances given by the US, which stated that he “will not be prejudiced by reason of his nationality with respect to which defences he may seek to raise at trial and at sentencing”.

It referred specifically to him having “the ability to raise and seek to rely upon” the first amendment but also said that its applicability “is exclusively within the purview of the US courts”. The assurances also state: “A sentence of death will neither be sought nor imposed on Assange.”

If Assange is denied permission to appeal, he faces being extradited to the US within days as he will have exhausted all of his legal avenues in the UK courts. His only hope would then be if the European court of human rights intervened.

The UK doesn’t want to deal with this at all, and Joe Biden’s people don’t want to deal with it before the election. It seems logical that they would kick the can down the road until next year.

But logical things haven’t been happening very often lately, so it would be dumb to predict that something will happen because it is logical.