100+ Harvard Professors Condemn University President for Opposing Antisemitism

The ratty Jews are releasing wildly unhinged advertisements falsely claiming that Hamas is run by white American teenagers.

They should be doing ads saying “not all Jews support Israel.”

The statement is true. Not every single Jew supports Israel. More and more American secular Jews do not support Israel; there is even an Orthodox sect that does not support Israel. But the Jews are not making this clear. The overwhelming majority of people are getting the impression that all Jews support Israel, and support everything the Zionist entity does.

But the Jews are unhinged. They are lashing out against right-wing whites and leftist university professors. Their “damage control” is “lash out in an emotional way against everyone who is around.”

It’s so over.

New York Post:

More than 100 Harvard professors have sent a letter to university president Claudine Gay, condemning her for issuing a statement opposing antisemitism on campus — claiming she was bowing to the interests of wealthy donors and alumni, and was infringing on the free speech of students.

As Harvard faculty, we have been astonished by the pressure from donors, alumni and even some on this campus to silence faculty, students and staff critical of the actions of the State of Israel,” the open letter reads.

“It is important to acknowledge the patronizing tone and format of much of the criticism you have received, as well as the outright racism contained in some of it.”

The letter went on to urge university officials to “affirm its commitment to the freedom of thought, inquiry and expression in light of the extraordinary pressure being brought to bear upon critics of the State of Israel and advocates of the Palestinian people.”

There must … be room on a university campus for debate about the actions of states, including of the State of Israel,” it said.

It cannot be ruled ipso facto antisemitic to question the actions of this particular ethno-nationalist government, any more than it would be ipso facto racist to question the actions of Robert Mugabe’s ethno-nationalist government in Zimbabwe,” the professors argued.

“Nor can arguments that characterize Israel as an ‘apartheid’ state or its recent actions as ‘ethnic cleansing’ or even ‘genocide’ be considered automatically antisemitic regardless of whether one concurs with such arguments.”

The letter also demanded Gay form an advisory group on Islamophobia and anti-Arab racism, similar to the one she announced last month she would form to combat antisemitism.

This is a black bitch, by the way.

Claudine Gay

The diversity agenda has multiple purposes, but it’s not a small thing that many brown people, most notably black women, do not have any hint whatsoever of professional ethics.

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