White Women Witch-Hunted by National Media for Opposing “Critical Race Theory” in Schools

It’s very important to the Jews to ensure that every white child is indoctrinated with self-hatred at a young age. That is what “teaching critical race theory” is all about.

They are pushing this very hard, and they are now beginning to make examples of any parents who push back on it.

If you push back on it, they will make you into a national news story, and it will ruin your life.

Newsweek is working with Twitterati to dox and humiliate a random woman:

A video of a white mother in Missouri insisting that she is not racist for opposing her children learning about racial justice has been watched over 500,000 times on Twitter.

The video was captured in Eureka during a Friday meeting of parents from the Rockwood School District about their concerns regarding the teaching of critical race theory, which is not even currently part of the school district’s curriculum. But many white parents raised alarms that their children were being confronted with ideas they find uncomfortable, while some pushed for disregarding the discussion racial inequalities altogether, NBC News affiliate KSDK 5 reported.

In one particularly viral video from the contentious meeting, a white mother can be seen emotionally arguing that she is not a racist due to her opposition to critical race theory. The mother cried while explaining that her daughter regrets being white.

“She is one of the most innocent little girls in the whole world, and she has friends, Black and white kids in her classroom, and she doesn’t see any difference,” the mother says. “I have actually raised my kids to love people and accept people no matter what, and just because I don’t want critical race theory taught to my children at school doesn’t make me a racist, dammit.”

But many on social media disagreed. A Twitter user going by the name “Gramps” shared the video, writing: “A racist.” His clip of the video has now been viewed over 515,000 times as of the time of writing, with many commentators criticizing the woman and saying that she is racist.

Here are the tweets.

Newsweek goes on to assure the reader that anyone who is opposed to critical race theory is actually a racist.

They say it’s all about “systemic inequalities” without ever explaining what that means. We know that it means that white people are evil for being born white. But they can’t really say that, so they just drop the term out there and let it hang in the air.

Newsweek even quotes Kendall Thomas, who talks about “colorblind racism.”

The current position of the media and the US government is that it is racist to not explicitly acknowledge that white people are evil, and that blacks are morally superior to them.

Due to the national media coverage, the situation in Rockwood has turned into a massive national story, with the local media continually trying to get back in the national media by pumping this up.

In an utterly surreal segment, NBC 5 recently covered a bunch of blacks whining.

White people clearly think that they can just go up there and say “I’m not a racist I just don’t think we should be telling our children that they are evil for being white.”

But you can’t do that. All they will do is witch hunt you as an evil white racist. Twitter will get involved and they will get the national media involved, and your life will be ruined.

They have redefined “racist.” Actually, it wasn’t really defined in the first place, but people kind of thought it meant that you were in the KKK and wanted to kill black people or whatever. But now it is very explicitly defined as: “anyone who pushes back against anything.”

You have to take your family and leave the city. That is your only choice.

Much more importantly than this goofy anti-white hate material they’re trying to indoctrinate your kids with: they’re going to force-vaxx your kids. They’re going to start going into these schools and just vaxxing them without even asking your permission.

There is no way around any of this. It sucks to be the bearer of bad news, but you have to pack up and move to an area outside of the city. They are not doing this in small towns, and if they try, you can easily stir up a mob against them without a bunch of black people rushing in. Black people do not live in rural areas.