What Did You Think Would Happen with an Arabian Vampire Dentist?

I mean. Come on. If you see this photo and think “yeah, I trust this guy,” you’re asking for it.

If you hire an Arabian vampire dentist, I don’t know what else you’d expect.

CBS News:

A dentist with an office in Sunnyvale was arrested following a child porn and peeping investigation, authorities said.

According to the Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety, a hidden camera was found inside a restroom of a dentist office located at 877 West Fremont Avenue suite C2 on July 27. Authorities said the victim took the camera to police and reported the incident.

Investigators determined that several victims were recorded using the restroom inside the dental office.

On Wednesday, officers executed search warrants at the dental office and at the suspect’s home in Santa Clara. The suspect, identified as Zaid Yousif Sharma, was arrested without incident.

Aside even from the immigrant aspect, dentists are often weirdos.

You put people out with gas in dentistry more than any other profession, and you’re alone in the room with them. I mean. People who take the job know this is the case. So. You know. Be aware of that.

Actually, I advise very strongly against general anesthetic (“being put under”), as it almost certainly causes brain damage. There are some surgeries where this is basically necessary, but there is no dentistry operation that can’t reasonably be done with local anesthetic.

Speaking of dentists – zoomers gotta watch “Little Shop of Horrors.” I promise you’ll have fun.