Weird Leftists Raising Money to Build Judenfrei City for “Colonized Working Class People” in Colorado Mountains

This is the group’s revolutionary vanguard

I don’t think colonized working class people are going to do very well living in the mountains.

Then again, I don’t know what “colonized working class people” actually are. It just sounds like a very urban group.


A band of “anticolonial” and racist activists have “liberated” land high in the Colorado mountains to build a utopian city for minorities. Commenters are expecting a rerun of the Jonestown cult, but with more anti-Semitism.

Openly communist, overtly anti-white, and proudly anti-Semitic, the ‘Black Hammer’ organization isn’t afraid of a fight. The group’s Twitter account fires off hourly invectives against the “cave beast” white race it sees as “colonizers,” and against the Jewish people it accuses of funding the “pig departments and prison systems that mass incarcerate and kill us everyday.” Bizarrely, the group has taken a fix on Anne Frank, calling the Holocaust victim a “bleach demon,” whose death – to them – overshadowed the suffering of colonized people worldwide.

Black Hammer members have taken part in rallies and protests across the country, but the scant media reports on their activities don’t mention the racism and the apparently pathological fixation on Jews. Instead, they praise the “activist group” for holding vigils for coronavirus victims and handing out masks, food and clothing to their fellow people of color.

But while they’ve been pushing Farrakhan-style racism on Twitter and getting stuck into charity work on the streets, Black Hammer’s members have been stockpiling cash. A GoFundMe campaign organized by the group has pulled in nearly $65,000 since last July. The group wants $500,000 to build a city of their own, with free healthcare, free rent, and no cops. White people and Jews are presumably not welcome.

On Monday, the group announced that it had “successfully liberated 200 Acres of Land to build our City,” adding that their real-life Wakanda would be “FOR COLONIZED PEOPLE ONLY.” Presumably, “liberated” in this instance means “bought.”

Located somewhere in Colorado, the ‘Hammer City’ site apparently has “rich soil,” as well as “one lake and three rivers.”

Black Hammer is not the first American group to buy land on which to build a racially-exclusive enclave. White nationalists have previously taken advantage of low land prices in states like Montana and North Dakota to set up ‘Pioneer Little Europe’ communities – ethnically homogenous settlements of like-minded whites.

But while the racists in Montana and North Dakota bought up fertile land, commenters pointed out that the Black Hammer crew might find it hard to build a sustainable city so high in the mountains. “May God have mercy on them,” one wrote, “for the arid scrubland of one of the most historically inhabitable regions on earth will not.”

Many commenters foresaw the experiment crashing down before the crops inevitably fail. Some compared it to 2017’s Fyre Festival, a ‘luxury’ music festival in the Bahamas that promised guests an A-list experience but left them fighting over food in a makeshift tent village. Others predicted that ‘Hammer City’ would end in a Jonestown-style tragedy.

Yeah, it doesn’t sound like they thought this through very well.

Why didn’t they think of doing this in Africa, where they could buy actual arable land for a much lower price?

Don’t be fooled by White Supremacist maps; Africa is actually bigger than the rest of the world put together