Watch: Psycho NYC Cops Attack Protesters on the Street for Criticizing Israel, Arrest at Least a Dozen

Graduation is over so the campus protests have cooled down.

However, people have not stopped being less angry about Gaza. And the cops have not stopped being less brutal towards anyone who dares question Israel.

Jews really are right about the goyim. Imagine that Americans watched the cops sit and allow BLM to burn down entire cities, and now these very same cops are dressed in riot gear and rushing people and beating the shit out of them on the streets just for questioning the Israeli government.

Jews call non-Jews “goyim,” and it basically means “dumb animal.”

New York Post:

Anti-Israel protesters clashed with NYPD officers at a raucous demonstration in Brooklyn on Saturday, leading to at least a dozen arrests.

Video showed part of the angry mob, some 250 strong, pushing back as police tried to move them towards the sidewalk in Bay Ridge.

Cops eventually tackled and arrested several protesters, video shows.

Police could be seen dragging demonstrators away as the protesters fought back and yelled at the officers. One demonstrator hurled a water bottle at them.

The entire neighborhood was blanketed by a massive police presence.

“The NYPD has spent over 400 million on Palestine protest alone,” the demonstrators chanted in a call and response.

They told us to stop. But we will not rest. Until this city divests. Free free Palestine,” they said.

The only possible conclusion that can be drawn here is that it is illegal in America to criticize the Israeli government.

With the campus protests, they were claiming it was trespassing or whatever other thing. But these protests are now just on public streets, and the cops sent in an army to beat the shit out of people.

This is a very big change for America. Various types of protests have been attacked for years (Charlottesville comes to mind!), but the cops at least had some sort of pretext.

As it stands now, at least in New York, the cops are just saying that it’s illegal to disagree with the actions of the Israeli government, and the punishment is brutal beating.

Fat retarded Republicans want to talk about how the Chinese don’t have any freedom. Firstly, who cares if the Chinese have freedom or not? How does that affect my life? Secondly, the Chinese cops don’t do this to people. Thirdly, the Chinese government doesn’t support the genocide in Gaza, so no one needs to protest.

Anyone who supports the cops deserves to have the shit beat out of them by cops.

These pigs are savages. They belong in prison.

We need to bring in Hamas peacekeepers to arrest the NYPD.