Watch: People in Chicago Chant “Death to Israel” and “Death to America” in Farsi

When people inside of America are chanting “death to America,” it’s safe to assume you’ve screwed something up really badly.

Either these people should not be inside of your country, or there is some other problem.

New York Post:

Video captured anti-Israel activists in Chicago chanting “hands off Iran” and cheering on Iran’s attack on Israel hours after shouting “death to Israel” and “death to America” in Farsi.

The shocking footage was taken Saturday after Hatem Abudayyeh, who heads the U.S. Palestinian Community Network, told some 300 left-wing protesters that Iran launched its drone and missile attack on the Jewish state,The Free Press reported.

“They believe that they will be in Palestinian — I don’t call it Israeli — airspace between 2 and 4 a.m., which means about two to four hours from now,” says Abudayyeh, whose group is funded by WESPAC, a Westchester County-based nonprofit.

The activists, who were gathered at the Teamster’s Union headquarters to discuss their plans to disrupt the Democratic National Convention this August, booed and cried out “shame” in response to Abudayyeh’s remarks.

Abudayyeh continued, saying it was “incumbent” that Americans “stop the United States from expanding this war and hitting Iran.

“We’ve got to be the strong, powerful anti-war movement that we are,” he said before exiting the stage.

Video shows immediately after making his statement the crowd began to chant “hands off Iran!” according to The Free Press.

Earlier in the day, activists in a “break out session” for the Anti-War Committee Chicago were filmed taking part in disturbing chants that included “Death to Israel” and “Death to America” in Farsi.

The chants in Iran’s native language were taught to some 80 participants by organizer Shabbir Rizvi, who told attendees they could use the saying if they ever encounter “Zionist freaks.”

To teach the attendees — nearly all of whom are wearing black KF94 masks — the chant, he jokes that it’s like saying “margarita bar.”

Later, the crowd laughs as Rizvi explains, “It can either mean, ‘death to,’ or ‘down with.’”

There were white people in this meeting.