Watch: Jew Taunts Gaza Solidarity Protesters in Manhattan, Gets Punched

It appears that the Jew tried to recover his Star of David hat thingie, and his swift and violent maneuver was interpreted as an attack by the mob of pro-Palestine protesters.

Nonetheless, I’m certain that the good fellows and gentlewomen at Fox News will devote many hours of programming to this now Holocaustic event, which clearly proves that the protesters are terrorists.

After all, if they were not terrorists, why would they not support total Jewish domination of the world?

New York Post:

A mob of unruly anti-Israel protesters was caught-on-camera snatching a man’s Star of David head scarf and beating him in Manhattan as demonstrations near the Met Gala descended into chaos on Monday night, video shows.

The clip — shared on Instagram by the Jew Hate Database page — showed a group of pro-Palestinian protesters in an apparent confrontation with the lone man in the middle of the Upper East Side street.

“Get the f–k out of the way,” one person could be heard screaming, as the protesters appeared to force the man away from the Palestinian-flag-waving group.

As the Jewish man retreated slowly and stepped over a flowerbed, one of the rowdy anti-Israel protesters was filmed leaning over and snatching his scarf — or sudra — from his head and fleeing.

The mob continued to force the man backwards before he managed to grab hold of his scarf from the taunting protester.

A scuffle quickly broke out and several men were caught on camera repeatedly pummeling the Jewish man in the face and head as he tried to back away.

Nearly a dozen men could be seen trying to chase down the Jewish man when he eventually broke free and fled the scene.

It’s a big problem.

People are not going along with the program.

Therefore, we must focus in on isolated events that take place during nationwide protests involving tens of thousands of people.