Watch: Intrepid Dark Figure Attacks Driver, Causes Bus to Crash Into Building

Nigga, you know that nigga be drive dem bus.

Y’all niggas can’t put hands on da nigga in da drive seat. Dat bus gone smash up.

New York Post:

Shocking video footage captures the moment that an out-of-control passenger brawls with the driver of a moving bus — which crashes into an Oklahoma City business.

The wild clip shows straphanger Tihron Harrison wailing away at the driver Wednesday as the bus traveled near North Western Avenue and West Britton Road on Saturday — with the two men getting into a drag-out scuffle even as the bus keeps speeding down the road.

A passenger intervenes and pulls Harrison away from the driver — only to have the bus slam into a local storefront, according to a report by WKFOR-TV News.

Only a seat belt saved the driver from flying through the windshield.

“The suspect asked to be let off at the intersection of Britton and Western,” Oklahoma City Police Lt. Jeff Cooper told the outlet. “The bus driver told him he couldn’t do that.”

Well, that might be the fault of the driver.

As a black man, he should have known that telling a black man he can’t do something is often a death sentence.

Tihron Harrison