Watch: Drug Addicts Acting Like Zombies in Philadelphia

This utopia is starting to get really gross.

New York Post:

Distressing new video shows addicts stumbling in a trance-like state along sidewalks strewn with burning trash heaps at the epicenter of Philadelphia’s “tranq” drug epidemic.

The Kensington neighborhood in northeast Philadelphia, which has become notorious for its open-air drug market, is seen crowded with hordes of drug-addled people — many of them sprawled barefoot on the filthy ground, or slumped over in the video posted on TikTok by thebizzleeffect.

Some of the addicts appear to have no control over their bodies as they are seen hunched over and struggling to remain on their feet.

Others are seen passed out on random stoops, or in one of the many makeshift homeless encampments dotting the crime-ridden neighborhood.

Piles of garbage — some engulfed in flames — are seen littering the streets of Kensington, where men and women living with crippling drug addiction fight to survive.

Most of Kensington’s zombie-like inhabitants do not have tents and sleep directly on the ground amid clumps of refuse, with their meager possessions stuffed into plastic bags, shopping carts, backpacks or laundry baskets.

Others seem to have little more to their name than the grimy clothes on their back.

Kensington’s desperate business owners have resorted to using booby traps and “hacks” for protection, Frank Rodriguez, a recovering heroin addict-turned-activist, told Fox News.

“There are businesses that set up sprinkler systems, so they can just be inside and hit a button and the sprinkler system goes off,” Rodriguez said.

Is this what you pictured when they told you that legalizing drugs would create a “kinder and more just society”?

Did you want to go outside and look at this? Did you want these zombies knocking on your car window?

There is no utopia. You just have to accept that man is in a fallen state, and therefore it is impossible to create Heaven on earth.