Wales: Town Elects First Ever “Non-Binary” Mayor (Anal World is Just Getting Revved Up, Folks)

Did you ever expect Wales to go full-anal?

Because I expected that.

Every formerly Christian society that has abandoned GOD is destined to go full-anal.


Bangor City Council in Gwynedd, Wales, has appointed what is claimed to be the world’s first “non-binary” city mayor.

22-year-old Owen J Hurcum, who is also the youngest mayor in Bangor history, was elected as a councillor for the Welsh separatist Plaid Cymru party — despite originally being from Harrow, London — as a teenager, but now sits as an independent, having resigned from the leftist party after they selected an alleged “TERF” (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist) as a candidate for the Welsh Assembly elections.

Hurcum, who is described as “Genderqueer/Agender (they/them)” on a Twitter account decorated with Welsh, Trans Pride, Gay Pride, and European Union flags, was appointed to the role by fellow councillors, and quoted by WalesOnline as saying: “I really want to use my personal position to bring PR for Bangor. Bangor is really a melting pot of cultures and identities, and that’s what makes it so great.”

“Everyone is not only working their hardest, but when I came out and went to meetings, I came out whilst being a city councillor, the response [was] I just want to support you and how can I do that.”

Hurcum discussed the subject of gender identity more personally in comments quoted by North Wales Live, explaining: “I came out as genderqueer nearly a year and a half ago.”

“I prefer to use the pronouns ‘them/they’. I know I’m not a bloke, but I know I’m not a trans woman either,” said the young mayor.

“For a long time, I was confused, and all this conflicting stuff meant that I was missing a lot of things. That’s when I decided to dye my hair, because it was a way to express and not be placed in a box. I felt much better about myself,” Hurcum continued.

“I’m not blind to the fact that, when there’s a new system coming in, especially when the head of that system is a 22-year-old, gender-queer and purple-haired person, people are going to notice that.

“If that’s what will attract people to Bangor and see how great it is, I’m more than happy about that. I think in this system, being a bit different does help.”

We’ve got a code red faggot alert on our hands here, folks.

Think about it: what is the purpose of this?

At least with normal homosexualism, you could say “oh well, that man just loves gay anus and ejaculating into feces.”

But what is the point of someone saying that they’re the opposite sex or that they’re neither sex?

Furthermore: what is the metaphysics of this phenomenon of people being born in the wrong bodies? In atheism, a person is defined by their body. So how can the soul be in the wrong body if there is no soul?

Why don’t they explain any of this?

If someone tells you: “I was accidentally born into the wrong body,” is not your first question “how did that happen?”?

Well, someone needs to explain it: how does a person’s soul get born into the wrong body? 

What is the underlying metaphysical process involved here?