Virginia: Fort Named After Confederate General Renamed After Woman

They made a big deal out of it too

Imagine you’re in a military base named after a woman.

How are you going to fight a war?

The Hill:

The U.S. Army has re-designated Virginia’s Fort A.P. Hill to Fort Walker — making it the first installation to be named solely after a woman.

During a ceremony on Friday, officials renamed the base in honor of Dr. Mary E. Walker.

Walker was known for treating wounded Union soldiers at field hospitals throughout the Civil War and was given the Medal of Honor for her efforts. She remains the only female to receive the United States Armed Forces’ highest military decoration to this day.

Mary Edwards Walker, doctor and probable dyke

The training and maneuvering center was originally named after Virginia native Gen. Ambrose Powell Hill Jr., a confederate soldier.

Fort Walker is just one of many military installations to undergo re-designation based on The Naming Commission’s recommendations. The commission was established in 2021 after Congress overrode then-President Trump’s veto of the annual defense spending bill.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin gave the all-clear for nine U.S. bases to be renamed in October last year after making recommendations in May.

The effort started after racial injustice protests in 2020 brought the glorification of Confederate generals in the military back into the limelight.

The effort to rename the bases officially began in January, and several floors have been renamed since then.

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