Uzbekistan Still Not Going Anal, Jew NGOs Whine

“I wish my country were more like Uzbekistan” is not something most people would suppose they’d ever be thinking.

But this is at least the second time I’ve thought it.

The Guardian:

Uzbekistan’s LGBTQ+ community says it is facing increasing threats and repression after anti-LGBTQ+ protests turned violent and new laws were passed this week banning the publication of content deemed to show disrespect for society and the state.

Human rights groups say that the legislation, passed on Tuesday, will prevent media or online commentators arguing for the decriminalisation of sexual conduct between men, which is illegal and punishable by up to three years in prison. Uzbekistan – along with Turkmenistan – are the only post-Soviet states that prohibit sexual relations between men.

Anti-LGBTQ+ violence erupted in Tashkent, Uzbekistan’s capital, last weekend after heated social media debate around calls to reform the penal code on homosexuality. Two teenagers were badly injured in the clashes.

Miraziz Bazarov, a popular blogger and critic of Uzbek conservative values who actively supported LGBTQ+ rights, was also beaten by a group of masked men and hospitalised. Three days later, his house was searched by the security services and documents and a computer confiscated.

“Fear has appeared in my life. I am afraid of dying here and there is nowhere to escape. These days, many of us are staying home out of fear,” said Shukhrat – not his real name – a 20-year-old gay man.

“We only want freedom and peace but it’s all got worse. Panic attacks, depression and a recurring thought that something can happen to me have returned. I don’t want to live like this.”

Yeah, just like they only want “freedom and peace” everywhere.

They want the freedom to destroy society and the peace to not have to suffer any backlash.

Uzbek is actually upping the ante in response to global pressure to go full-anal.

The government has recently proposed to amend the country’s criminal code to change the charge against homosexuality from “sodomy” to a crime against family, morality and children.

“LGBT people in Uzbekistan were already vulnerable to harassment, threats, abuse and violence, even before the events on Sunday, given the criminalisation of consensual same-sex conduct and widespread homophobia,” said Mihra Rittmann, senior central Asia researcher at Human Rights Watch.

Mihra Rittmann is a world-renowned expert in Uzbek anuses

“Now, with increasing hostility toward an already vulnerable group, and outward displays of intolerance and violence, it’s critical that Uzbekistan’s leadership unequivocally condemn such violence, and for authorities to hold perpetrators accountable.”

Conservative bloggers have said that the increasing visibility of LGBTQ+ activists, and campaigns for the rights of sexual minorities, were eroding conservative values.

“Our youth is being raised in the spirit of conservatism and respect for traditions,” said Abu Muslim, an Islamic blogger. “Our society sees it as an attack against Uzbek religious values. It will never be accepted.”

The hilarious thing is that Uzbek is one of the few central Asian countries which doesn’t have Russian as its primary language, so the CIA has had a harder time pushing an anal agenda on the country via social media.

The Western think tank and intelligence apparatus has plenty of resources ready to push this anal agenda in Russian, but most Uzbeks don’t speak Russian fluently.

This just shows that without the influence of the West on the internet, most countries anywhere on earth will start swinging back towards the natural order of human society, which is always anti-anal.

Funnily enough, Uzbek is also the country that used the collapse of the USSR as an opportunity to round up and deport all Jews.

I’ve read a book about this, but the “History of Jews in Uzbekistan” Wikipedia page mentions it, angrily:

The Jewish population of Uzbekistan (then known as the Uzbek SSR) nearly tripled between 1926 and 1970, then slowly declined between 1970 and 1989, followed by a much more rapid decline since 1989, when the collapse of Communism began to occur. According to the Soviet census, there were 103,000 Jews in Uzbekistan in 1970.

Between 1989 and 2002, over ninety percent of Uzbekistan’s Jewish population left Uzbekistan and moved to other countries, mostly to Israel.

From what I’ve read, “over 90%” was more like “pretty much 100%.”

Uzbeks are annoying, when you see them in Moscow or whatever – but hey, good on them.

Interesting that the Guardian failed to connect the anti-anal agenda to the expulsion of Jews.