UK Students Want Campus Protests to Reach Scale of US, Spread Worldwide

Usually, when the British copy Americans, it’s like “oh yes, we also want to mutilate the genitals of little kids. Great idea, Uncle Sam.”

This time though, it’s actually good (for the first time).

The Guardian:

Students across Britain have said they hope pro-Palestine protests will reach the same scale as those seen on US campuses as they call for universities to divest from companies supplying arms to Israel.

Protests have spread across university campuses in Sheffield, Bristol and Leeds, after a crackdown in the US on protests, which led to mass arrests of students and staff.

More than 2,000 people have been arrested on university campuses in the US, garnering attention from international media and people in the besieged Gaza Strip, including Bisan Owda, a Palestinian journalist and content creator living in Gaza, who encouraged student protesters “to do more” for this “unprecedented moment” in a video posted on Instagram.

Samira Ali, 24, is one of about 100 students who stormed the library at Goldsmiths, University of London this week, occupying the first two floors. Ali, a third-year sociology student and co-organiser for Goldsmiths for Palestine, said 30 students had occupied the building, demanding the university ends “financial complicity” and condemns the war in Gaza.

I think that it’s only right what we’re doing right now as students standing up for Palestine, particularly saying that it’s not acceptable that the universities that we attend – particularly universities like Goldsmiths which rely on international reputation of being a progressive university – to stay silent on what’s going on in Palestine, the massacres, the horrors and also be complicit in investments,” she said.

Although the scale of protests on university campuses in the UK has been relatively small in comparison with the action in the US, students say they remain steadfast and anticipate more planned action.

I think what we’re witnessing now is almost an international student revolt. We obviously know what’s been happening in the US … There’s a wave of encampments around Britain, which hopefully will grow. I think the potential for them to grow is huge,” Ali added.

At some point, the British are going to have to get their own identity.

But this is fine.

They can copy this.

That’s good.