UK: Moslem Sex and Drug Lord Still in UK 6 Years After He was Supposed to be Deported

If the government is against Pakistanis running sex and drug gangs, then why do they keep importing Pakistanis?

Moreover: why do they not get rid of Pakistanis who have already been convicted of crimes?


Rape gang predator Qari Abdul Rauf has been pictured at large in Rochdale once again some six years after he was supposed to be deported, having served out the paltry custodial portion of his sentence.

The Pakistani migrant, who was stripped of his British dual citizenship by then-Home Secretary Theresa May around the time of his sentencing, served just two years and six months of an already short six-year sentence for conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with children under 16 and trafficking for sexual exploitation, according to The Sun.

Why was he in Britain in the first place?

The newspaper pictured the scowling predator collecting supplies of food and drink “while clutching a food delivery service bag,” with a bystander commenting: “He used to ferry little girls around so his friends could have sex with them. Now he delivers fast food. It’s awful to think a victim could bump into him — or he knocks on their door to deliver some food.”

Rauf ‘s exact employment status is not clear from the Sun report, however, and it is known that in 2017 he was living off taxpayer-funded welfare benefits, as well as making extensive use of taxpayer-funded legal aid to fight the state’s half-hearted efforts to strip his citizenship and remove him from the country — which have not gone anywhere, despite every one of his legal challenges reported by the press having failed.

Fellow former dual-national rape gang members in Rochdale such as Abdul Aziz, 50, and Adil Khan, 51, also remain in the country.

“The Home Secretary [Priti Patel] has repeatedly failed to follow through on our appeals to deport these criminals,” complained Bev Hughes, the deputy mayor for Greater Manchester whose remit includes policing and crime.

The guy is probably still engaging in crimes.

Why wouldn’t he?

You can get away with anything in white countries – as long as you have brown skin.

On every level, in every country that is run by Jews, we see organized and systematic brown crime not only allowed, but actually incentivized.

Of course…