UK: Law Lecturer Fired for Refusing to Teach Students About Trannies

Law Schools must teach about the Law of Trannies, which is the Iron Law of gay anus.

If that chick doesn’t want to know about anus, forget her.

GB News:

A law lecturer claims she was sacked from her position after refusing to follow her employer’s requests to “indoctrinate students in gender identity theory”.

Dr Almut Gadow, 43, was forced out of her job at the Open University in November after being sacked for gross misconduct.

She says the institution accused her of “serious bullying and harassment” and of breaching their transgender staff policy after a number of posts in an online university forum which risked creating “an environment in the forum that isn’t inclusive, trans-friendly, or respectful”.

Bow down before the holy gay anus – or face ultimate doom. 

Gadow said that the university’s policy had included introducing diverse gender identities into the curriculum and also teaching students that an offenders’ preferred pronouns should be used when referring to them.

The lecturer warned that the policy was incompatible with the role of a criminal lawyer, saying that “sex is a relevant fact for offences involving perpetrators’ and/or victims’ bodies”.

Well, it’s certainly confusing when trannies go to women’s prison and rape women with their penises.

You hear “woman rapes woman in prison,” and you’re like “did she use a broom? What does it mean?”

Speaking to The Telegraph, Gadow added: “No offender should be allowed to dictate the language of his case in a way which masks relevant facts.”

She is now launching a legal claim against the university, crowdfunding for her case.

The lecturer claims she was harassed, discriminated against, and unfairly dismissed.

She also highlighted that not holding a gender identity belief was a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010.

“Establishing this in law could protect many other academics whose careers are threatened by the rising tide of intolerance on UK campuses,” Gadow said.

“Generally, this academia being taken over by a political movement, is not a question of Left or Right.

“It is a question of totalitarianism.

“We have seen it under both regimes.

“I didn’t think it would happen like that in England, to be quite honest.”

Why would you not think that would happen in England?

Is it because you’re a woman, and you’re stupid?

A tranny would have known this would happen in England.

The “Open University” has a history of cracking down on evil TERFs