UK: Frumpy Women Want to Outlaw Flirting with Women

This is Britain’s longest-serving member of Parliament, representing one of Britain’s most diverse shitholes

But isn’t this racist though?

The Guardian:

Men who harass women from cars should face criminal charges, a cross-party group of MPs has urged, as the government comes under mounting pressure to criminalise sexual harassment.

Labour’s Harriet Harman and Caroline Nokes, the Conservative chair of the women and equalities select committee, have formed a cross-party alliance to push the government to beef up anti-misogyny measures via amendments in the police, crime, sentencing and courts bill.

“It makes absolutely no sense that kerb crawling is an offence if its aim is to solicit prostitution, but kerb crawling a schoolgirl to shout sexualised abuse at her is not – the law needs to be changed,” said Harman.


Found the racist!

Harman, Nokes and others including the Conservatives Peter Bottomley and Andrew Mitchell, and the Green party MP, Caroline Lucas, are also calling for street harassment to be criminalised and for stricter controls over the use of the sexual history of complainants in rape trials.

Nokes said that when she had first discussed the idea of criminalising sexual harassment on a radio show, she received some negative feedback.

“People were basically saying to me, oh come on love, get a grip,” she said. “But when I spoke to women, they were living with this on a daily basis. Sexual harassment, catcalling, is rife, it’s unwanted, in some cases, it can be downright intimidating and scary. And it is absolutely no way for any kind of civilised society to conduct itself.”

Earlier in the year the home secretary, Priti Patel, met the organisers of Our Streets Now, a campaign group set up by sisters Gemma, 16, and Maya Tutton, 22. With the charity Plan International UK they launched a campaign called #CrimeNotCompliment and created a “ready-made bill” to tackle the issue.

Rose Caldwell, the charity’s chief executive, said a standalone law criminalising all forms of public sexual harassment was necessary. “Girls in the UK are facing harassment every day. They’re being followed, shouted at, touched and groped – and it needs to stop,” she said. “With this legal change girls and women would finally begin to feel safer in public spaces.’

In March a poll by UN Women UK found more than four-fifths of young women in the UK had been subjected to sexual harassment, and most women had lost faith that the abuse would be dealt with.

The women’s rights campaigner Nimco Ali said the fact that street sexual harassment was still legal was “bizarre”. “We ban littering, we ban smoking in public areas – now, let’s ban the behaviour of men who can’t act civilly,” she said. “I don’t think people are conscious of how it corrodes women’s experience on a day-to-day basis. Making it a crime would be a massive step forward.”

This Somali is fighting rape culture in Britain:

Obviously, what all of these women are talking about right now is Islamic behavior.

They’re not getting accused of racism, because the society at large loves Moslems but hates most of their behaviors.

But here’s the thing: this weird language effectively means that talking to women on the street will become illegal. I don’t really think anyone is going out and doing the old 2000s-era pick-up artist stuff anyway, but what they are talking about would not only criminalize Moslems driving up and yelling at women, but also just walking up to a woman and saying “hey baby, how you doin’?”

It could also conceivably be illegal to start trying to chat up a girl at a coffee shop or even a pub (probably wouldn’t be enforced at a pub, but I don’t see any reason it can’t be, based on the kind of stuff they are saying about this law).

Of course, the laws won’t ever be enforced against Moslems – because that would for sure be racist. So this is effectively just a way to ban men from flirting with women.

What that ends up doing is creating a situation where men have to wait around for women to talk to them.

This is all actually insane.

Using Islamic sexual harassment behavior to ban flirting is like using black crime statistics to push gun control.