UK: Dyke Speed-Dating Event Shut Down for Refusing Trannies

Imagine that Western men are so desperate for pussy that “maybe I should dress up like a woman and try to bully lesbians into having sex with me” is now a common line of thought.

It would have been a lot easier to have… not de-normalized prostitution.

The same women who made prostitution illegal or at least forced it into a legal gray area are now complaining that dudes in dresses are showing up at their lesbo events.

Daily Express:

The organiser of a lesbian speed-dating event is at the centre of a bitter transphobia storm after she specified that only “adult human females” could attend.

It comes off the back of outrage expressed by attendees of the weekly £15 per person event after trans women tried to join in.

Town planner Jenny Watson, who runs the nights in Bloomsbury, posted the ground rules on her website.

She wrote: “If you are male, please refrain from coming to the events, you are not a lesbian.”

She told the Mail on Sunday: “Last year, a person turned up sporting a purple latex outfit… and an erection.

“Another time, a trans woman came into the female toilet and pushed their body at a woman who was upset and told me after. It got me thinking that this isn’t fair on women.”

The 31-year-old continued: “Transgender individuals deserve respect. But there is a need for protection of sex-segregated spaces for lesbian women.”

Activists reported Jenny to her employers – a London council – for being transphobic. They said her social media post, requesting that only “adult human females” can attend, was evidence of her bigotry.

They also said her claim that “lesbians don’t have penises” was also transphobic.

Yeah, see.

You can bully these dykes into giving up that pussy.

Really great plan, huh?

People used to think we’d be colonizing Mars by now…