UK: Doctors See 35% Increase of Early Onset Puberty in Girls in One Year

It’s almost like the whole world is filled with hormone-disrupting chemicals, huh?

Daily Mail:

Record numbers of young girls are hitting puberty too soon – with some as young as four – as experts blame obesity as a key factor.

New data shows the number of times girls were seen at hospital for cases of ‘precocious puberty’ increased to 2,032 last year, up from 1,510 previously.

Of these, 79 children had not even reached their fifth birthdays, NHS Digital hospital data showed.

Experts have said the 35 per cent rise could be down to obesity, as there is a ‘clear link’ between it and starting puberty too soon.

It follows an Italian medical study which pinned Covid lockdowns as a potential trigger as it saw children begin to put on weight due to not going outdoors as frequently and spending more time on the computer.

Dr Tabitha Randell, chair of the British Society for Endocrinology and Diabetes, told the Express: ‘There has been a clear link with increased levels of obesity and early puberty for many years now.

‘Maturing at a young age can be extremely difficult for children, who are often not emotionally ready for the physical changes that come with puberty.’

The average age for girls to begin puberty is 11 – but it is normal for it to begin at any point between the ages of eight and 13.

Early puberty is defined as when girls show signs of puberty – such as developing breasts or starting puberty – before the age of eight.

Precocious puberty can occasionally be caused by genetic factors, a problem in the brain – such as a tumour, or a problem with the ovaries or thyroid.

Dr Mohamad Maghnie, who led the Italian study from the University of Genoa and the Giannina Gaslini Institute in Italy, said: ‘The role of stress, social isolation, increased conflicts between parents, economic status and the increased use of hand and surface sanitisers represent potentially further interesting hypotheses as to why early puberty is increasing in youth.

‘There is an interesting evolutionary hypothesis that, when girls are very stressed, they have their period early in order to reproduce and protect the future of the species.’

Pretty sure that saying that makes you a pedophile in the current year.

You’re not allowed to talk about the fact that menstruation means “time for breeding.”

Children generally enter puberty earlier than in the past because rates of obesity are higher, and carrying too much fat can disrupt the hormones which determine when a child becomes a teenager.


I’ve been saying that.

Hormonal imbalance causes obesity, and obesity causes hormonal imbalance.

You see how emotional these fat boys are.

You also see that some boys that aren’t all that fat are very emotional… and then they get fatter as they enter their late twenties.

This probably doesn’t help either