UK: Descendants of William Gladstone Attack Their Ancestors, Apologise for Slavery

Let’s put aside the moral narrative here, and just consider the logistics.

If people are responsible for the actions of their ancestors, this is going to create serious problems for everyone on the earth.

I think Barack Obama and Tim Scott should make a bi-partisan trip to Africa to apologize for their ancestors eating the pygmies.

The Guardian:

The family of one of Britain’s most famous prime ministers will travel to the Caribbean this week to apologise for its historical role in slavery.

Six of William Gladstone’s descendants will arrive in Guyana on Thursday as the country commemorates the 200th anniversary of a rebellion by enslaved people that historians say paved the way for abolition.

The education and career of William Gladstone, the 19th-century politician known for his liberal and reforming governments, were funded by enslaved Africans working on his father’s sugar plantations in the Caribbean.

As well as making an official apology for John Gladstone’s ownership of Africans, the 21st-century Gladstones have agreed to pay reparations to fund further research into the impact of slavery.

The cuck on the left is Charlie Gladstone

John Gladstone was the fifth-largest beneficiary of the £20m fund (about £16bn today) set aside by the British government to compensate planters when the Slavery Abolition Act was passed in 1833.

Early in his career, William spoke in parliament in defence of his father’s involvement in slavery and also helped calculate how much his father would be compensated.

John Gladstone owned or held mortgages over 2,508 enslaved Africans in Guyana and Jamaica. After emancipation he was paid nearly £106,000, a huge sum at the time.

The Demerara rebellion in August 1823 began on one of his plantations. It was led by Jack Gladstone, an enslaved man forced to take his owner’s name, and his father, Quamina, who had been transported from Africa as a child.

About 13,000 Africans rose up in Demerara, a British colony that later became part of Guyana. Conditions for the enslaved were particularly brutal there. The plantations were the most profitable in the British empire, with an enslaved person in Demerara worth twice that of one in Jamaica.

More than 250 enslaved Africans were killed and a further 51 sentenced to death when the uprising was crushed. Many of the convicted were tortured, decapitated and had their heads impaled on poles as a warning to others. Quamina’s body was hung in chains outside one of John Gladstone’s plantations.

Charlie Gladstone, 59, who lives in Hawarden Castle, the north Wales home of his great-great grandfather William, said: “John Gladstone committed crimes against humanity. That is absolutely clear. The best that we can do is try to make the world a better place and one of the first things is to make that apology for him.

“He was a vile man. He was greedy and domineering. We have no excuses for him. But it’s fairly clear to me that however you address it, a lot of my family’s privilege has stemmed from John Gladstone.”

This is so vile.

I wouldn’t denounce any of my living family members if they got caught owning slaves.

Denouncing your ancient family members for doing something that was socially acceptable at the time is beyond the pale.

William Gladstone was not defined by his business in Jamaica. That is itself insane.

I don’t even agree with his policies (obviously), but he was a great man of history. Attacking him for doing some business in Guyana and Jamaica, and making that define him is like…

Like, imagine if there was a right-wing government 200 years from now, and porn was banned, and they started digging up 21st century right-wing figures’ porn history from the NSA databases, and using that to define them.

Furthermore: was this even bad for the blacks?

How are they doing now?

Weren’t they doing better under slavery?

I mean, seriously?