UCLA Police Chief Reassigned After Allowing Mob to Attack Students Camping for Gaza

I’m gonna go ahead and assume that someone told him to allow the attacks to happen.

Acting like this was a decision he made of his own accord is ridiculous.

Instead of punishing this black, there should be an investigation into who told him to allow those Jews to attack the peaceful pro-Palestine protesters.

New York Post:

The police chief at the University of California, Los Angeles, has been reassigned following criticism over his handling of recent campus demonstrations that included a mob attacking a pro-Palestinian encampment.

Chief John Thomas was temporarily reassigned Tuesday “pending an examination of our security processes,” said Mary Osako, UCLA vice chancellor for strategic communications, in a statement released Wednesday.

John Thomas

The Daily Bruin reported late Tuesday that Thomas said in a text to the campus newspaper, “There’s been a lot going on and, I learned late yesterday that I’m temporarily reassigned from my duties as chief.”

Neither Osako nor Thomas identified his reassigned role.

The reassignment of Thomas follows UCLA’s May 5 announcement of the creation of a new chief safety officer position to oversee campus security operations.

On April 30, counterdemonstrators attacked a pro-Palestinian encampment, throwing traffic cones, releasing pepper spray and tearing down barriers.

Fighting continued for several hours before police stepped in, and no one was arrested.

They were not “counterdemonstrators,” they were Jewish terrorists.

This whole thing needs to be investigated.