Turkey Says Trade with Israel Won’t Resume Until Permanent Ceasefire in Gaza

More and more countries are going to start cutting off Israel.

And this obviously is not unrelated to the relationship these countries have with the US.

Turkey has been riding the fence between the US and Russia, but now many in the country are calling on Erdogan to split from the US.

This is complicated, because Turkey is a NATO member. Though there are a lot more things he could do which he is not doing yet to push back on these Jews, and the people are demanding it.


Turkey said on Friday it will not resume trade with Israel, worth $7 billion a year, until a permanent ceasefire and humanitarian aid are secured in Gaza, becoming the first of Israel’s key commercial partners to take such a step.

Israel’s “uncompromising attitude” and the worsening situation in Gaza’s Rafah region, a refuge for displaced people that Israel has threatened to storm – prompted Ankara to halt all exports and imports, Trade Minister Omer Bolat said.

When the Rafah assault really gets started, a lot is going to change.

This is going to be like the original bombardment of Gaza City at the end of October all over again. It’s going to ensure the protests keep going everywhere, and that countries continue to pressure their governments to do something to stop these Jews.

Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz criticised Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan’s move, enacted late on Thursday, saying it breaks international trade agreements and was “how a dictator behaves”.

Turkey could not remain idle in the face of “Israeli bombardment of defenceless Palestinians”, Erdogan said after Friday prayers. Israel says it is targeting militants hiding in residential areas.

Erdogan later told Turkish business people that Ankara would manage problems stemming from this decision “in coordination and dialogue” with its business world, adding he believed this would serve as an example for other countries that are “uncomfortable with the current situation”.

“I want this to be known: we aren’t chasing animosity or a fight with any country in our region,” Erdogan said, adding he was aware of “how the West will attack us” over the move.

We have a single goal here: to force the (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu leadership, which has gotten out of control with the West’s unconditional military and diplomatic support, to a ceasefire,” he added.

Bibi has already said that a ceasefire is basically the same thing as another Holocaust.

There is no way any ceasefire is happening, other than maybe a fake one while he’s arranging the next phase of his war.