Trump Says Biden is Going to Bring Back the Coronavirus Hoax to Help Him Hoax the 2024 Election!

In a new video, Donald Trump says that Brandon is planning to bring back the coronavirus hoax to rig the 2024 election.

I personally did not believe the coronavirus hoax was going to end after it started. I was taken by surprise when they started that war with Russia and then that whole virus thing just disappeared.

After they ended it, however, it was clear that it would come back at some point. They clearly ended it because there was too much pushback, but they can let these things rest for a bit, and then bring them back in force, and people are less likely to push back against something they’ve already become accustomed to.

It was totally clear to me that the virus hoax agenda is fundamental to these people’s plans for the world, which include driving everyone into poverty, forcing genetic engineering on the population, and locking everyone into “15 minute cities.”

Trump’s claims are very coherent, and it seems to me he is likely right about how this will go. You’ll probably get some of it this fall/winter, but then in 2024, it will go into overdrive – about a year from now.

It’s possible that things could go full-on in the next few weeks. But I doubt it. It’s too close to when they ended it.

Instead, the most likely thing – again, I’m not a wizard, but this is the most likely in my opinion – is that they will start drumming things up now, but not go into full lockdown, then claim a bunch of people died, and use that as an excuse to go into full lockdown next year.

That’s at least how I would do it.

I also don’t think there was enough of a run-up if they were planning it this year. I think they would have started with it in summer, instead of waiting until August to really beat the drums.

However: the other factor here, other than the election, is the Ukraine war. There are a lot of indicators that the Ukraine war is winding down, and just as they used the Ukraine war in 2022 to distract from ending coronavirus, they might use coronavirus to distract from ending the Ukraine war.

Unless NATO goes in and starts World War III, this Ukraine war is going to end with over 200,000 dead Ukrainians, over 20 million refugees, a totally destroyed country, and every single one of Russia’s demands met.

The whole thing would have been for nothing – in fact, they would have lost a lot more territory than if they’d just surrendered in March of 2022.

Germany lost 10-12% of their population in World War II, and had a lot of infrastructure destroyed. So, we’re not quite close to those levels yet.

Of course, the US/UK were slaughtering civilians with impunity in World War II, whereas Russia has been very careful about civilian deaths.

In November of last year, Ursula von der Leyen said that 100,000 Ukrainian soldiers had died. That was shocking to people, who were hearing for a long time that it was much lower, and the statement was edited out of her speech.

That was almost certainly a lowball number at the time, but that would be 11,100 per month. There is no reason to believe it wouldn’t have been a lot higher in the last 9 months. Some people are now estimating 300,000-400,000 dead Ukrainian soldiers.

Anyway – it’s going to be a lot, lot, lot of deaths when this is over, and the US side is going to have nothing to show for it. It’s going to be something that people on the US side are going to need a big distraction from. The most obvious distraction would be the return of the coronavirus hoax.

Regardless if Trump can actually win in 2024 or not (I don’t know how he possibly can, but hey – fingers crossed), his campaign is a very good thing, as it is disrupting the system totally. When he is out there announcing “they’re going to do this virus hoax again,” that is going to mean that none of his followers are going to go along with it. What’s more: increasingly, people in the West are feeling like they don’t have much to lose.

It was stupid to put people in this position.